Car Repair

Unexpected car repairs suck.  Yesterday Ken got in my car and it wouldn’t start.  Now I didn’t start it on Friday but my spoiled van sits in a garage so I didn’t think the cold was the factor.  You never know though so he put the heater in the garage and put the charger on it.

Later it popped off.  He said he thought it was the starter.  I called around to find out the cost of a starter.  Farm N Fleet comes through as the least expensive (again). Still it was going to be a $300 – 400 expense.  Not what I needed to hear.

He turned the van off and tried it several times throughout the day.  It seemed to be working.  We, of course, are not that lucky.  He went to start it this morning and no joy.  It wouldn’t start.  We were looking at battery replacement, starter, or who knows what.

Of course no one can get it done until Monday so I’m trying to think of ways I can get to work and still get my car fixed.  I’m just trying to come up with contingency plans.

We took it to Farm N Fleet and they just called.  Battery.  Thank the car gods.  Battery replacement is $100 not $300 or $400.  The annoying van will get a new battery and hopefully I won’t have anymore problems with it.  Hopefully….

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