Coupons and Organizing

Vicki got me a binder for my coupons.  Up until now I’ve been keeping them in my card holder.  It is difficult to keep track of what I have with them in my card holder – they were just bunched together.  With the binder, I have a slot for each coupon. 

We generally shop at Woodman’s so I took the store layout from their web site and organized the coupons according to how the store is organized.  This will be my first week using the binder; it will be interesting to see if I like it better. 

The other store we go to (Schnucks) is having their 11 for $10 sale again.  I like these sales because you can mix and match.  I look through their flyer but I also like to wander the store to see what isn’t in their ad.  This sale is a good time to stock up. 

After these two errands tomorrow, we have to go to the post office.  I have to mail out another review copy of Moon Affirmations.  I have an editor who will put it out to her reveiwers and hopefully put in her magazine.  Stephanie also left stuff at our house when she was home that we have to ship down to her.

I think it will be a calmer weekend for errands with only a few errands.  This is good and will hopefully allow me time to work on writing activities. 

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