Crochet Projects

Last weekend when I was down by Vicki, I worked on crocheting things for her.  She has these pieces but I thought I’d show some of the pics I took of them.  She got a couple of dish towels.  One is pink, peach, yellow, and white.  The other is green, purple and white.  I love this pattern and it makes up in about an hour.  She wants a million more of these.  I told her I doubted I could make that many.

One of the stores we went to we picked up buttons as I wasn’t going to haul my little drawers of buttons down to add them to the towels.  The yellow one popped better than the others on the pink/peach one.  The purple stood out best on the other. I think they turned out nicely.

I had some bamboo thread in a lovely blue / turquoise color.  We bought a new book and there was a lovely pattern in there.  It was a trim book and I have enjoyed all the patterns I have done so far from it.  We saw an ad for the book in a magazine and the shawl they showed was beautiful but of course the pattern wasn’t in the magazine so we had to go buy the book.

Vicki wanted some trivets.  The blue/tan one is the pattern she had me make while I was down there.  It was a complicated and annoying pattern.  I told her if she wanted more of that specific pattern she was out of luck.  However, if she was willing to let me make my own pattern, I would be willing to make her more.  She was and I did which is the purple, blue, yellow and green picture.  I’ve got the pattern for sale on my web site.  I think it turned out nicely.  I want to play with different designs on the part that stands up.

Once I was back, a friend of mine said she was looking for light weight scarves for spring.  I had one of these done and the second I made up for her quickly.

The pink one is a long chain of ribbon which is textured.  She tried it as a scarf in a variety of styles and then tried it as a belt.  I think it will be versatile for her.

This weekend I’ve managed to get a lot of my book work done at my computer in my office.  I paid for the time at the desk yesterday with being in pain last night.  I updated a website for a friend this morning and did more book work today.  My legs don’t hurt as much today so perhaps I won’t have as hard of a time tonight.

It feels good to get a lot of things off my to do list.  I feel like I was productive and accomplished things I needed to.  I feel like I’ve finally caught up.  It is a weight off my mind and now I can work on other things – like Virginia’s afghan.

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