New Books Available!

Finally I feel good enough to sit at my desk and get some work done.  This morning was all about production.  I got two new books prepped and ready for publication.

Murder Next Door is a murder mystery taking place in 2178.  Death in the apartment across the hall throws Eloise Franklin and Ronan Turner into each other’s lives. Turner is arrogant and condescending of Eloise profession as a stripper until he finds out she’s raising her younger sister. Eloise and her younger sister experience danger and abuse. Ronan discovers a respect and love for Eloise he never expected.  It’s available on Amazon and Smashwords:

Wayfarer Trials is the next installment of Adara and Decker’s story.  Returning from their honeymoon, Decker and Adara are thrown in the deep end of the cases under investigation.  Women are being attacked and taken by an unknown group of people.  Franklin and the rest of the investigators work to close the complicated case against the Castitate Colony and Patrick Richardson, putting the Pritchard and her crew in grave danger.  It’s available on Amazon and Smashwords:

I’m so happy to have these two novels out and available.  I loved writing them and believe the readers will enjoy reading the stories.  With all the issues I’ve had lately, I was beginning to doubt I’d be able to get them published but fortunately that isn’t the case.  Please check them out and tell your friends.

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