Daddy Kisses…

Recently my daughter was telling me about (and I saw it on the View as well) about a woman who wrote in to Dear Margot about her husband kissing his six-year-old daughter (her step-daughter) on the lips.  The woman felt it was inappropriate for him to do this. 

My first questions was age of daughter and types of kisses.  That is when I found out it was a 6 year old.  Apparently he kisses his daughter like most parents do – lovingly.  No tongue, no passion, nothing inappropriate just lovingly like mom’s and dad’s do every day.

What is our world coming to when this is an issue?  Seriously I kissed my dad on the lips until he died – I was 20.  If he were still alive today I’d probably still be doing it.  Children need affection.  Furthermore if this man stops kissing his daughter because of a new wife then the daughter will resent the new wife. 

Here is another thing – why didn’t this come up before they were married?  If their beliefs are so far apart that this has become an issue – wouldn’t you think this should be discussed before they got married? 

I say if the action is appropriate and it doesn’t make the child uncomfortable then daddy should definitely be showing his little girl he loves her.  It is a sweet and loving action meant to show love and affection – not be a competition with a sexual embrace as a kiss would be with a wife or girlfriend. 

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