Dark Moon

Prophecy Series

by N. A. Jameson

Until the age of six I was raised and “trained” to be a stone-cold killer. Unfortunately, for my parents, that wasn’t who I was. They cut their losses with me when I was six, just before my sister was born. I was dropped off on my Gran’s doorstep and told I was defective.

For the next 20 years I lived in a town called Sanctuary, a refuge for the lost and persecuted. I held no illusions of my future; I was born to die and had made my peace with that. And then I met him.

Rafe was everything I secretly wished for and everything I knew I could never have. He didn’t agree. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t fight the bond between us. Suddenly, I can see a future for myself, and I’ll do whatever it takes to seize it.

My parents and sister are coming to claim my life, but I won’t be going as quietly as they expected.

Dark Moon is an adult dark paranormal romance. This book contains explicit language and graphic sex scenes, all consensual, intended for audiences of 18+. This is a reverse harem building series which means at the end of the series the main character will have more than one love interest. The author highly suggests this series be read in order to get the full experience. The series will end with a happily ever after.  This book contains a CNC scene and themes of trauma from past child abuse and attempted sexual assault that some readers may find triggering. If you like a sassy FMC and a sweet, sexy wolf shifter, this book is for you. This is book two in the series.

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