Added Another Scene

At 11:30 pm I started writing. Or more accurately I reread the last scene I wrote and then moved forward with the next scene. I got about 800 words into this scene. So in all I’ve added another 2100 words to the book to put it in over 66K. I’m not worried about it. I’ve added some plot points which will be relevant in the subsequent books. I just need to make note of it.

I’m off work tomorrow! Yeah!

I hope this means I’ll have time to edit and write. I’m working with an author to help her with categories and keywords. I hope it won’t take more than two hours.

Once I’m done helping the author, I want to go back to my email notes and see if there’s anything else I need to address. My notes for book 2 in this series were minimal but I do want to make some notes from my research. I want to remember to incorporate tidbits in books 2 and 3. Breadcrumbs really…

My notes for Surrender to the Sea Demon are lengthy so my hope is to focus on those chapter notes and get a couple of chapter done.

I do need to do the client editing so I’ll work on that before I write. If I do it the other way, I won’t edit. I’d rather write so editing first.

We’re doing our virtual holiday with the family tomorrow night. It’s a good thing it’s virtual because the weather is miserable. Our temperature is -9 degrees Fahrenheit with a windchill -34 degrees Fahrenheit. Not a pleasant environment. A perfect day to stay inside and write – after I edit.

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