Day 8 of the Epic Tale (i.e. vacation)

I always have such grand plans for what I’m going to get done while I’m on vacation.  There is always about three times the number of things a normal person could do.  If I could stay up 24/7 and not have to stop for food, bathroom breaks, or showers then I might be able to get all these planned things done.  That is definitely not feasible.  Those I live with appreciate that I shower… 

I’m down to my last few days off and feeling pretty good about my list.  I could tell you all the things I didn’t do but they don’t really matter.  I did rest and relax.  I plan to do more of that over the weekend when one of my most fun friends comes over.  I’m also going to do more work – going back to the basement with the husband in the hopes of tackling the clutter monster down there.  If you don’t hear from me again – well the clutter monster won.  I wouldn’t bet on that happening though with both Ken and I working on it. 

I’ve written some, edited some, submitted some, and enjoyed the entire process.  I’ve had recliner time, kid time (mine and others), tv time, and other times…  Overall, it’s been a good vacation… well okay a cute cabana boy would have been a nice addition….

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