Days Fly By

It’s only October and my life is speeding up.  My weekends are full and busy.  I need a vacation but won’t be getting any for the rest of the year. 

We’ve been working on the house.  By we – I mean, Ken and Vicki with some outside help occasionally.  Vicki’s rooms are painted and I think she’s got them organized the way she wants them.  Our bathroom has been painted and reorganized.  Our bedroom has begun the process of deep cleaning, painting, and reorganizing. 

On my couch, I have a dozen (maybe more) crochet projects which are in different stages of completion.  The problem – I’m writing.  I counted this morning and have completed eight manuscripts.  Some have been published.  Some are in the editing stage.  Some I’m working on covers and other components.  I need to make gifts for faculty and student workers.  My crochet list is never ending. 

This weekend is busy.  Vicki’s going to a book sale event at the state fairgrounds.  It’s a pay week so we’re going to have all this running around to do.  I’ve got to pay bills.  Grocery shopping needs to be done.  There are other errands which need to be done. 

Then there is the prep for breakfast and lunch this next week.  We’ll have to fit that in.  As is normal, I have this list of things I want to get done but it’s looking like this weekend will be filled to overflowing. 

Instead of stressing about the busy weekend, I’m going to attempt to prioritize things and schedule next weekend.  In a part of my head, there’s the crazed maniac saying but we have (insert list of a dozen or two dozen things to do).  In another part, is the rational person who is saying there isn’t anything earth shattering that has to get done this weekend.  I’ll make a list (of course) and do as much prep as I can so I can be ready to do what I need next weekend which shouldn’t be as busy – I hope. 

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