Drugs are bad…

Well three up and three down I guess.  My Darvon / darvacet have been taken off the market.  Since finding that out I’ve been trying to find a replacement.  I’ve tried Tramadol which made me feel like my head was going to explode; vicaden which did nothing; and finally percacet which made me itch everywhere, having ringing in my ears and gave me chest pains. 

Needless to say these are all going on the list of don’t bother taking again.  Percacet in particular will be avoided.  The bad thing aside from the reaction is that I asked the doctor to just give me like five pills because really after one dose I’ll know whether I can take it or not.  He didn’t he gave me a full prescription.  So now I have three bottles of drugs I can’t take.  I have no idea what to do with these drugs as we aren’t supposed to flush them anymore.  I guess I’ll call the pharmacy to see what they say. 

It is back to the drawing board for me and pain management.  Hopefully we can find something that works and doesn’t give me awful side affects…

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2 thoughts on “Drugs are bad…

  1. Percs are okay, or so I've found. I can't take most "standard" pain pills; too many reactions. But percs are a bit easier on me. Sorry to hear you're having problems with this!

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