Insurance Companies

My daughter takes a very expensive medication – like $500 a month.  When she got her own insurance, the company refused to pay for it.  Their logic was that there were less expensive drugs out there that she could try.  They told her that for them to pay for this expensive drug then she would … Continue reading Insurance Companies


At approximately 12:30 last night there was a lot of pounding and noise next door.  I called the police only to be told that there were already police on site.  The reason police were on site – they were busy executing a search warrant for drugs on my annoying neighbors.  They arrest five people according … Continue reading Excitement?

Drugs are bad…

Well three up and three down I guess.  My Darvon / darvacet have been taken off the market.  Since finding that out I've been trying to find a replacement.  I've tried Tramadol which made me feel like my head was going to explode; vicaden which did nothing; and finally percacet which made me itch everywhere, … Continue reading Drugs are bad…

Long Weekend

I'm halfway through my weekend today.  Yesterday I ran errands with my daughter.  It was a normal pay week Saturday with grocery shopping and other errands.  Visited the Doc on Thursday and have another bottle of pain killers.  I'll see how well they work.  I'm not holding my breath though.  I've not taken any yet … Continue reading Long Weekend