Empty My Head of Words

It was good to go back to work.  I got caught up on a lot of things.  I also couldn’t stay the whole day as my foot was too sore.

Driving home was an adventure.  I did okay so long as I didn’t have to brake too much.  Hopefully it will be a bit better tomorrow.

Tonight I was hoping to just drop off to sleep but that wasn’t to be.  I watched a tv show and then read a book.  When those two things didn’t work I played on the Kindle Fire – backgammon, scrabble and skipbo.  Still I can’t sleep.

Insomnia and I are old friends.  Tonight my mind just won’t stop rambling around to different topics from the writing tasks I need to work on to crocheting I want to get done to so many other topics.  Apparently there is no off switch to my brain.

If I thought getting up and working on something would help I would totally do that but I know it won’t.  I just need to settle my mind and center my energy to balance out the chaos in my head.  Once I do that I’ll have the peace I need to drift off to sleep.

I’ve taken Tylenol to help the gout and I’m writing this blog to help empty my head of words… I can only try these things to see if they actually help.  I know the words will pile in again but maybe by writing this small bit they will give me enough peace so I can sleep.

If none of this makes sense – blame it on the insomnia…

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