End of Vacation…

Ken is back.  Vicki and I picked him up today.  He had a great time with the girls.  They either had him out site seeing or he was sleeping on their couch.  They kept him VERY busy. 

Tomorrow I return to work.  I’m almost afraid to see what my desk is like when I get back there.  I’ll have a short week and I’m sure I’ll get caught up. 

This time off has been extremely productive for me.  I think I’ve finished making edits on the Moon manuscript.  One more read through I think and then I’ll send it to the new publisher.  Cross your fingers and toes….   I got some of the work done on the poetry manuscript.  I started a new story and spent the bulk of my time working on this story.  I have 31,000 words written (that’s nearly 100 pages double spaced).. I’m sort of wishing I had the rest of the week off to finish writing the first draft.  I think I might be able to get it done if I had till next Monday.  It has been great because I write and when I”m tired of it I nap.  When I get up from napping, I go back to writing.  I’ve been writing a lot of hours a day – up to ten hours a day maybe…

Reality is though I won’t have time off like this again until the end of December.  I can only hope I can get a lot done in the couple of hours I have at night because tomorrow I am back to the normal routine. 

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