Final Edits

Bah Humbug has gone off to the anthology organizer! I’m happy to have one thing done. I did the final edits on Saturday! It always feels good to check off a to do list item.

I started the final edit on Sacrificed to the Sea Monster. I got through 10 chapters last night and hope to finish the last 8 chapters tonight. Once that’s done, I’ll send it off to my formatter and ask her to get it set up so I can upload files and get the paperback started.

From there, I have a couple manuscripts and stories to read / edit. I have client work for editing I need to focus on. I’ll also be sending off quotes to my graphics person for her to make me a bunch of ads.

It’s only about 5 1/2 weeks until Sacrificed is released so I’ll be ramping up the promoting for this book. With my read through, I have discovered how much I enjoy this story. I am looking forward to writing the next one.

I’ve got an appointment with my cover designer so I will be starting a list of tasks I need her to do.

Fractured made it to #6 which is FANTASTIC in New Releases Colonization Science Fiction! I’m so grateful people enjoyed it! However, I need to keep moving forward with the next project.

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