First Draft – DONE!!!!!!!

Its done!!! 59,017 words and the first draft is done!!! Now I send it off to my beta readers and see what they think.

Thank goodness for my daughter who nagged and pushed me. Thank goodness for my characters who I thought were off the rails but who came through in the end!

Now I send it off to the beta readers and I don’t touch it for at least three days (longer if I can stay away) and I work on something else. I’ve got two good hours of writing tonight.

Once I’ve let it sit for three days, I’ll read through it, do a spell check, and then start the editing process. Hopefully my beta readers get back to me ASAP so I can make any adjustments they spot. Then I do another edit, spell check, and adjust. I’m pretty sure I have question marks for names in one place. I should fix that. And that’s done while I think about it. Minor characters sometimes get that if I’m in the flow when I’m writing. I go back and figure out a name. When I wrote later, I came up with one name so the other was easy enough to fill in.

YEAH! This comes off my to do list. All my client work is caught up so more writing for me tonight.

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