Friday / Vacation

Just because my birthday was this week I took today off.  I was hoping for some down time but I am looking at my to do list and thinking I should have taken Thursday off too. 
Diana, my boss, told me to enjoy my vacation yesterday before she left.  I growled at her.  Now this doesn’t happen often because I like her and try not to annoy her.  After I growled she told me to have a bad day off.  I laughed and said it was just that I had so much to do. 
No surprise – I have a list.  I have three days to write a vision statement, read a couple of chapters for one class and three stories for another class, critique two stories and write letters discussing those critiques, transcribe two interviews, assemble and take pictures of zen gardens (which was on the to do list for last weekend) and that is just the first level of stuff to get done.  I also feel like I’m forgetting something so I probably am.
This morning while the house was quiet I’ve dealt with the hundred emails that had built up over the last two days and sent some business related emails.  Now I’m turning my focus to my to do list.  My biggest problem is deciding which to work on first.  Homework or business? 

I guess since the homework is due on Monday that should probably take priority but I also feel like I’ve not put enough time into the freelance work I have to do.  I guess I need to take a deep breath, pick from the pile and just dig in.  It will all get done because it has to but still deep breath, stop procrastinating and get to work.

2 thoughts on “Friday / Vacation

  1. LOL… they will be… have to find the right rock to put in each one I'm making… that will hopefully be later today. So far I've gotten three stories read, two critiqued and the letters done… now on to maybe some fun stuff… like getting dressed and crocheting… maybe.. 🙂

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