I woke up to several text and Facebook messages, voicemail, and a cat all wishing me a happy birthday (well okay maybe not the cat).  I walked onto my floor and was blocked from my office because people were in there making mischief.  One of my faculty dropped off a present of my favorite drink, my sister – in cahoots with my daughter – decorated my office with balloons and stuff on my wall and computer screens. 
Through my day I’ve gotten emails from all sorts of people – some I’ve not heard from in a while – wishing me happy birthday and checking in.  People stopped in to my office and wished me the same. 
Once I got home, I answered a ton of emails, worked on homework, and finished crocheting Vicki’s wrap.  Vicki made me a wonderful meal.  Virginia and Stephanie shipped my gift to me so I got a connection with them today too.  Stephanie made me some beautiful place mats that will coordinate well with the new curtains in the kitchen.  I can’t wait to see them on the table.  Virginia made me a hand-made card which I opened and attempted to avoid the glitter.  I loved it.  It is not in my journal as that is where I keep my keepsakes like that. 
On one hand it is a bit odd that all these people are wishing me happy birthday.  I’m not used to so much attention.  On the other hand it is wonderful to hear from them and know that they care enough to send a message.

I didn’t do anything astounding today – just the normal.  I went to work, class, and came home.  Yet I had a great day with all the well wishes.  It is nice to know that people care and are willing to show it.  I’m grateful for all the fun I had today and all the love that was shown today.

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