Hex – Sentinel Security book 6

by Anna Hackett

She’s the genius hacker known as Hex.

He’s a ghost—the deep-cover spy known only as Shade.

They generate a dangerous level of white-hot sparks, but he needs her help on a deadly mission.

Jet “Hex” Adler loves being a goddess of all thing tech. She provides her team at Sentinel Security with intel and comms, and she’s good at it. No, brilliant. Sure, sometimes it’s hard to be stuck in the office while her guys are in the field, but computers, tech, and drones are her thing. If only she had the same luck with men.

And that does not include a certain hot, cocky, annoying spy.

Cain aka Shade is dedicated to his country. He does the hard, dangerous work so others don’t have to. He came from nothing, he’s alone, unattached. A man like him has nothing to lose. For Cain, life is always about the mission. It can never be about a certain small, smart, feisty hacker.

But now he needs Jet for an important assignment to stop high-tech drone schematics falling into enemy hands.

Of course, Jet will do anything to help save the world…okay, not the entire world, but a lot of innocent lives. Even if it means going undercover with the man who knows how to push every one of her buttons. But as they work together, dodging danger and bad guys, their scorching attraction explodes…and Cain will realize that for the first time in his life, someone is more important to him than his mission.

*** An action-packed standalone romantic suspense.


Hackett excelled with this one. Hex – or Jet may be petite but she packs a punch. She’s sassy, determined, and naughty. Cain or Shade is a loner who doesn’t think he’s worthy of her or her love. She tells him he will fall in love with her. The dynamic between them is steamy and without giving away any spoilers, there’s a scene where Hex saves the day. Hackett did a great job in breaking the typical alpha loner theme and she did an excellent job of it. These two characters steamed up the pages and the action was believable and breathtaking.

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