Hex – Sentinel Security book 6

by Anna Hackett

She’s the genius hacker known as Hex.

He’s a ghost—the deep-cover spy known only as Shade.

They generate a dangerous level of white-hot sparks, but he needs her help on a deadly mission.

Jet “Hex” Adler loves being a goddess of all thing tech. She provides her team at Sentinel Security with intel and comms, and she’s good at it. No, brilliant. Sure, sometimes it’s hard to be stuck in the office while her guys are in the field, but computers, tech, and drones are her thing. If only she had the same luck with men.

And that does not include a certain hot, cocky, annoying spy.

Cain aka Shade is dedicated to his country. He does the hard, dangerous work so others don’t have to. He came from nothing, he’s alone, unattached. A man like him has nothing to lose. For Cain, life is always about the mission. It can never be about a certain small, smart, feisty hacker.

But now he needs Jet for an important assignment to stop high-tech drone schematics falling into enemy hands.

Of course, Jet will do anything to help save the world…okay, not the entire world, but a lot of innocent lives. Even if it means going undercover with the man who knows how to push every one of her buttons. But as they work together, dodging danger and bad guys, their scorching attraction explodes…and Cain will realize that for the first time in his life, someone is more important to him than his mission.

*** An action-packed standalone romantic suspense.


Hackett excelled with this one. Hex – or Jet may be petite but she packs a punch. She’s sassy, determined, and naughty. Cain or Shade is a loner who doesn’t think he’s worthy of her or her love. She tells him he will fall in love with her. The dynamic between them is steamy and without giving away any spoilers, there’s a scene where Hex saves the day. Hackett did a great job in breaking the typical alpha loner theme and she did an excellent job of it. These two characters steamed up the pages and the action was believable and breathtaking.

Excalibur – Sentinel Security book 5

by Anna Hackett

He never should have touched her.

She’s beautiful, sweet, and all sunshine. He’s too old, too rough, and too grumpy.

Now she’s pregnant with his baby and in danger, and there is nothing he won’t do to keep her safe.

All Adaline Harris ever wanted to do was escape her small town and make it as a ballet dancer in New York. But luck is never on her side. Just when she’s found the big, gruff man of her dreams, he ghosts her…leaving her with a broken heart, pregnant, and unable to dance. Oh, and added to that, someone is sending her creepy notes.

But then Bram O’Donovan walks back into her life, takes one look at her, and sweeps her into his brawny arms.

Bram “Excalibur” O’Donovan knows he’s rough, curt, and isn’t good with people. The military suited him just fine, and now, so does working for Sentinel Security. He never expected to have a chance with sweet, gorgeous Addie. The week he spent in her bed was the best week of his life…until she disappeared without a trace.

Finding her working in a bar and pregnant with his baby is a shock.

But after discovering Addie thinks he abandoned her and that someone is hunting her, Bram is determined to uncover what’s going on. Someone is trying to keep them apart, and wants her for themselves. Bram will go all out, and use all his dangerous skill set, to keep Addie safe, and claim her as his, once and for all.

*** An action-packed standalone romantic suspense.


Hackett was back on her game for this installation in the Sentinel Security series. Bram was grumpy and unhappy when he isn’t with Addie but he thinks she ditched him. Until he finds her again. Then he discovers she’s in danger and pregnant with his child. Hackett struck the perfect balance between his inner dialog and his actual spoken dialog. He and Addie are amazing together and her faith in him is inspiring. They are sexy and sweet. This was a solid story for me.

Steel – Sentinel Security book 4

by Anna Hackett


His skills and ruthlessness made him a legend.

The dark, dangerous former spy.

Now the operative turned billionaire known as Steel collides with fiery agent Hellfire when they discover they’re both on the kill list of a deadly assassin.

CIA agent Devyn “Hellfire” Hayden came from nothing and made herself into one of the CIA’s best deep-cover agents. She’s dedicated to her country. She’s always on the move. She’s a loner. Just the way she likes it. Letting people close is a weakness and she’ll never be weak again.

But when she finds herself under attack by an assassin targeting the world’s best intelligence agents, it sends her straight into the path of the only man who tempts her. The dark, lethal Killian “Steel” Hawke.

Killian Hawke rose through the ranks of the CIA, and knows his name is whispered in fear by his enemies. But when his sister needed him, he left and started Sentinel Security. He protects all those he considers his: his sister, his friends, his employees, and his clients.

But there is one stubborn redhead he also wants to claim.

As Devyn and Killian work together to unmask the assassin hunting them, they are forced to confront their white-hot attraction and their violent need to protect each other. Killian is tired of dancing around what he feels for her. Now that she’s in danger, he’ll do whatever it takes to make her safe, claim her heart, and possess her soul.


Devyn wanted Killian but was so mired in her need to be alone that she puts him and others at risk. It was a slow start for me. It was slow despite the action. The writing is quality as you would expect from a Hackett book but this story dragged along until about the last third of the book. Devyn kept running away from Killian despite him being careful with her. At the same time, his alpha tendencies leaned a little alphahole. He wanted her and loved her but edged towards being too domineering. The one thing I liked about this book is it shows a couple learning to respect each others craft and skill when it comes to danger. She learns to work within a team and he learns to remember she’s capable of taking care of herself. A good read but a little slow.

Striker – Sentinel Security book 3

by Anna Hackett


He’s a hot British billionaire.

The rich, muscled, former special forces soldier.

He’s a temptation she doesn’t want and can’t afford, but now she’s working undercover in his company to catch a rogue arms dealer.

Former MI6 agent Hadley “Striker” Lockwood found a new life in New York working for Sentinel Security. Her work fills a tired, jaded hole inside her. Life is just how she likes it, and she definitely has no desire for a man to mess that up.

When her next assignment sends her back to London to hunt a dangerous arms dealer, she finds herself not only face to face with a darkly tempting billionaire, but going undercover as his newest employee.

Bennett Knightley left the SAS with dark scars scratched on his soul and a determination to help in different ways. His successful company Secura makes high-tech gear for soldiers around the world, but now it’s under attack. Shipments are going missing, and his people are being targeted.

Enter Hadley—intelligent, stubborn, beautiful, and with walls a mile thick. Bennett’s never been tempted to mix business and pleasure, but with Hadley in the office he’s torn between their mission and claiming the maddening woman for himself.

As Hadley and Bennett close in on their enemy, they fight hard against their overwhelming attraction. She’s been burned before but the hot billionaire is getting under her skin. With Hadley, Bennett feels parts of himself coming back to life—now he has to not only convince her to trust him, but convince himself he deserves her.

*** Each book in the Sentinel Security series can be read as a stand alone romance.


This was a slower paced book. Hackett spent more time with the female lead and the intimate scenes then the action. It putzed along until there were action scenes. The dialog was excellent. The back and forth between Hadley and Bennett was amazing and reminiscent of the Jane Austin books the male characters were named after. Once the action scenes were in play the story zoomed. One criticism, they were supposed to be trying to figure out who was trying to destroy Bennett but there were more intimate scenes than actual investigating going on. The writing is excellent but this story was only okay for me. It rates at a 3.5 but I rounded up because the series is so good. In all honesty, if I had read this book first, I’d still read the second one but I wouldn’t be as eager.

Hades – Sentinel Security book 2

by Anna Hackett


He’s a gorgeous former Interpol agent.

Tall, dark, and Italian.

He’s way out of her league, but when danger explodes around them, she finds herself on the run with the sexiest man she’s ever met.

CIA analyst Gabbi Hansley has a plan—escape her dysfunctional family, excel at her job, and build a safe, stable life for herself. Boring? Maybe, but she likes boring. When tasked to meet a security contractor and give him an encrypted drive, a quick, simple job goes terribly wrong.

Gabbi didn’t expect her contact to be the hottest man she’s ever seen. Nor was she expecting the bad guys who turn up and spray the restaurant with bullets.

After years of wading through the muck, dismantling mafia crime syndicates in Italy, former Anti-Mafia officer and Interpol agent Matteo “Hades” Mancini likes his job at Sentinel Security. He also knows he has nothing permanent to offer any woman, so he keeps things fun and temporary.

But when his dangerous past rears its head, he finds himself trapped with the tough, no-nonsense Gabbi, and on a second glance, he sees past her sensible exterior to the tempting woman beneath.

Now Gabbi and Matteo are in a race for survival. While they work to track down who’s after them, attraction burns hot and bright. Gabbi knows a man like Matteo won’t be interested in her for long, and she asks him to show her all the things she’s been missing in the bedroom. But the possessive need to keep her safe is growing in Matteo, and soon he has two mission objectives: take down the bad guys, and convince Gabbi Hansley that she’s his.
*** An action-packed standalone romantic suspense.


Gabbi, a CIA analyst, is sent by a fellow analyst to meet Mateo from Sentinel Security. When I read the opening on this story, I KNEW what was going to happen… or thought I did. I was surprised by elevator malfunctions and a shy yet bold female character who didn’t fold when things got crazy and who surprised me a couple times in the story. Mateo is a former DIA officer who fought against the mafia in Italy. His past threatened him and because she was there Gabbi. These two go through a lot in a short time and I was not expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did. I LOVE how Mateo treats her. I love how honest he is and what he sees in her. I adore how Gabbi comes into her own and when she does Mateo enjoys it even more. Hackett his a homerun for me with this one. The intimate scenes were steamy and delightful. The humor was on the spot and appropriate. The emotional investment was there. All in all, I want to read this book again. I will be checking out the next book. Love this story and love how Hackett allows her characters to grow and be strong even if they are vulnerable, afraid and all the other emotions. Storytelling was spot on with this one.

Wolf – Sentinel Security book 1

by Anna Hackett


He’s her best friend’s older brother.

The hot, tough former Navy SEAL.

The man she’s had a crush on her entire life and now the man pretending to be her lover to keep her safe.

CEO Lainie Madden has her hands full. In charge of a growing tech company, her work and her employees are her life. She’s sworn off love, because the sad reality is that she stinks at choosing men who aren’t self-absorbed cheaters. But when she starts receiving disturbing death threats and her company’s website gets hit with relentless cyber-attacks, she’s in over her head.

What she never expected was her best friend’s bossy, rugged brother to steamroll in to play her fake boyfriend and very real protector.

Former SEAL and CIA agent Nick “Wolf” Garrick is second in command at Sentinel Security. He’s spent most of his life fighting and protecting others, proving he’s nothing like the ex-con who fathered him. He’s also spent years ignoring his scorching attraction to his little sister’s best friend. Lainie is sweet, fresh, smart…and off limits.

But when he finds out she’s in danger, it flips a switch inside him. Whatever the risk, whatever it takes, even pretending that they’re lovers, he’ll protect Lainie and take down the person hunting her.

The more time Lainie and Nick spend together, the more the lines blur. As danger swirls around them, their pretend relationship starts to feel very real. But Nick doesn’t do relationships and Lainie doesn’t want to get hurt again…

*** An action-packed standalone romantic suspense.


Hackett delivers an action packed, danger and desire story which keeps you turning the pages. Lainie’s best friend’s older brother comes to her rescue when she receives death threats. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It took you through the gamut of emotions. Funny, sexy, happy, edge of seat danger, loving and so much more. Hackett has created a believable story which doesn’t put the women in the backseat instead they are strong – despite being scared witless – and determined. Nick – Wolf is definitely an alpha male who is bossy and demanding yet when she pushes back, he isn’t a dick about it. He is gentle, loving and all the good feels men can be while still being strong and powerful in his own ways. I enjoyed this story and will read more in this series.