How is it possible?

Four short years in a very small cube – 6’x8′ if I’m lucky.  How did I manage to put so much stuff in there?  I have been bringing a bag full of stuff home almost every night this week.  I STILL have more stuff to pack up.  As I’ve sorted through drawers, files, bins and so on, I’ve managed to fill up my paper recycling bin twice. 

I’ve crossed a ton of things off my to do list and still it grows.  How come it is so much work to leave a job?  I’ve cleaned out email files, electronic files, moved files, and trained people to do tasks I’m the only one doing.  My to do list just keeps growing… I keep finding more things that I need to deal with before I leave.  It is INSANE…

The good news?  And there definitely is good news… I have four days of work left at my current job – that works out to be eight more times commuting to/from Madison.  Four more long days….  In case you couldn’t tell I’m definitely counting down…

Tomorrow I have an appointment to meet with my new boss to fill out paperwork.  I am keeping all my vacation, personal, and sick time.  I think I’ll even be able to take the days off I had planned on taking.  Life is moving forward and I’m looking forward to the change.

I took some time today to encourage a friend to go for my job.  Her skills are amazing and she will be a great fit for the position.  I’m hoping she will get it and the transition will be fairly smooth. 

Four down… four to go….

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