This started out as a short story. It was supposed to go into an anthology. And then it grew and grew and the characters kept telling me more and more. I realized it wasn’t going in an anthology – so now it’s a book. This is not a cliff hanger. There’s a complete story here. But the overarching plot will continue into the next book.

Book 1 Silent Death Series

by Eileen Troemel

Earth cannot grow its own food. Chemicals and pesticides pollute the soil, water, and air. Chaebul Conglomerate designed and developed space stations to grow organic food for all the people on Earth. These stations are vital to the survival of all. Who, then, would try to damage the food and space stations?

When Tree Space Station 41 has a mysterious illness hit their workers, security and management suspect sabotage or a sick out. But the workers are determined to prove they aren’t faking their illnesses. Betsy Canfield and her coworkers agree to stay working even when breathing becomes difficult. Nearly out of oxygen, Betsy realizes something is very wrong on the branch. She pulls the alarm before she passes out.

Investigator Colin Casteneda arrives on the station determined to find the truth. He has more questions than answers but with Stephanie Vaccaro, a top toxicologist, and his team, he will find the answers. When he sees Betsy, his ex girlfriend, he knows he will do anything to protect her. She may have left him to work on the station two years ago, but he never stopped thinking about her.

What kind of monster tries to sabotage the only source of Earth’s food? Can Colin, Betsy, Stephanie and his team stop this monster before the food supply is destroyed? 

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