In My Head

My mind has been scattered over a variety of projects and I want to work on all of them at once.  The problem with this is I can’t focus on anything.

The solution – at least this time – is for me to do a little of several things.  Last night I wrote for a while but after a conversation with one of my daughters, I put away the writing and watched an episode of Midsomer Murders.

Tonight I came home, spent time with Ken, watched another episode of Midsomer Murders and crocheted a ruffle scarf.  In an hour and half I watched the show and finished a scarf.  When I’m done with this blog, I’ll be switching over to writing on a novel.

I’m not getting the hours and hours of writing in but I am getting some crocheting, writing, and relaxing done all in one short night.  I’ve got this crazy list scrolling in my head.  I’ve got ideas for painting, crocheting, writing, and I want to work on all of them.  Of course I’m one person and can’t do six things at once so I have to pick.

As I’m finishing things, that to do list in my head ticks these things off and for a little while at least it quiets my crazy need to DO something.

At the same time, I’m in my head.  I can see scenes I want to get written; see projects I want to crochet, see pictures I want to paint, and so on.  The more in my head I get, the less I accomplish so I’m jumping out of my own mind (yeah even I’m scared to be in my head sometimes) and just doing what feels best.  Tonight it was a ruffle scarf while I watched a tv show before I work on my novel.  Who knows where my crazy brain will take me tomorrow.  See why my head scares me?

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