Short Stories Available

It’s been a productive morning.  Ken went to help his dad.  While he was away, I got down to work paying bills, and starting production.  Now I’m four hours into my day, I’ve got six short stories published.

Some of these were inspired by a writing prompt.  Witches’ Tower is about the mythology and ghost stories rising from the local town having had a Spiritualist college in the late 1800s.

Writing short stories is a challenge because you have to develop all of the aspects of a good story in a short amount of space.  I don’t have twenty chapters to explore the story or the characters.  I have ten pages (maybe).

At one point I thought these stories might go longer but the more I tried to work on them the more I realized they were just meant to be short and sweet.

These are all in the science fiction / fantasy / horror genre.  I have more short stories which will come out later in other genres.  There’s nothing like a good spooky story.

They are available on Smashwords and Amazon.  Check out my web site:  I have a new page dedicated to the short stories.

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