Everyone can laugh at me now.  Last night after whining about how hard my homework was, I played on the computer some more and just before I went to bed, I picked up another grammar type book (what can I say I like words) and found the information I needed to make things click.  I laughed at myself because I’d looked in the book already and had dismissed it.  I just picked it up again on a fluke.  Now I have three pages to read that will I think clarify the problems I was having. 
I’m a dork I know.  I just needed to walk away from it instead of letting it overwhelm me.  Now I’m sure today I’ll be able to put the pieces together and figure out what I need to – i.e. connect the theory to actual practice.  Then I’ll move on to my other homework. 
This is a good lesson for me – I can’t do homework non-stop and have it make sense.  At some point my brain shuts down and my frustrations reach critical levels.  (Scotty from the Enterprise is in my head saying ‘Captain she cannot take much more of this’.) 
School is just going to take more getting used to than I thought apparently.  I just need to have patience with myself and remember to breathe. 

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