J.L. Keathley

JL and I met through social media. I enjoyed getting to know her.

Author Bio

J.L. Keathley is a self-published author who focuses on YA Fantasy. She lives in Arkansas with her husband and two daughters. She loves animals and has a variety of pets. She has always loved to read and decided to write what she wants to read about. She likes to travel with her family and find adventures.

Tell us about yourself

I am from Arkansas. I have been married since 2007 and have two daughters.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I didn’t really, it just happen. Now I am excited because I published a book and plan to publish more.

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

Anything YA, preferably YA Fantasy. Yes, I write the same genres.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

It is for people who enjoy young adult novels.

What is your current release or project?

My current project is Chasing Lightning Bugs (hope to have it published by July of this year.) My current release is Distant Memories (The Shadow Realm, Book 1).

Tell us about the key characters:

Key characters for Distant Memories is Alexa and Lavy. Both are what makes the main character a big part of who she is and what she will be come. They will both play a large part in her character development. I can’t really say much else, because it will give spoilers.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

Distant Memories: About to turn sixteen, Jade was looking forward to getting her first car and a little more freedom. Life, however, had a different path in mind. A thirst for blood and newfound fangs exposed a secret world to her… a world hidden from humanity. To leave behind everything she knew and enter The Shadow Realm, she must embark on a fateful journey to uncover the truth about the past and understand her strange dreams. Daring efforts to unravel her destiny will reveal new powers, new friends, and very real enemies.

Share an excerpt

The girl started to change forms. She started to get smaller; her arms became wings with brown, black, and white feathers. Her feet changed into talons, her mouth and nose became a beak, and her eyes went from dark brown to black. I could hear her bones crunching as she turned. When she was done, she was a falcon, a beautiful bird. After the change had been completed, she flew away.

Do you have a favorite scene?

When Jade, my main character has flash backs in the cemetery with a powerful witch and learns of her past.

What advice would you give a beginner?

Write for yourself, not for anyone else. Tell the story that you want to tell.

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Facebook: https://facebook.com/J.L.Keathley/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jlk_ya_author

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/j.l.keathley/

Other: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17740041.J_L_Keathley

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