Monica Schultz

Monica Schultz and I both wrote for the same anthology - Slow Burn. She resides in Australia - one of the places I really want to visit. Author Bio Monica Schultz is a full-time Mathematics and History teacher from Ipswich, Australia, with a passion for writing fantasy. When she isn't busy finding 'x' in the … Continue reading Monica Schultz

The Growing Roots Series

Less Than Humble Beginnings Growing Roots Book 1 by Chelsea Falin Genre: YA Coming of Age Willie and Babette have long, long been shielded from their own culture and heritage by their mother. When circumstances change, the girls are thrown into what they were once shielded from - only to find it is nothing like … Continue reading The Growing Roots Series

Einstein’s Compass

Author: Grace Blair & Laren Bright Narrator: Curt Bonnem Length: 9 hours 13 minutes Publisher: Grace Blair & Modern Mystic Media, LLC Released: Mar. 26, 2019 Genre: Science Fiction; Young Adult How did Albert Einstein come up with his wondrous theories of light and time? In Einstein's Compass: A YA Time Traveler Adventure, a young … Continue reading Einstein’s Compass

The Good Inside Me

The Good Inside Me by Barbara Russell Genre: YA Paranormal Romance Dragons, short-tempered archdemons, and hysterical damned souls—Shax is used to dealing with all that. He’s a young fire demon and lives in Hell, after all. What he’s not used to is being possessed by a human. A very good human and a pretty girl … Continue reading The Good Inside Me

J.L. Keathley

JL and I met through social media. I enjoyed getting to know her. Author Bio J.L. Keathley is a self-published author who focuses on YA Fantasy. She lives in Arkansas with her husband and two daughters. She loves animals and has a variety of pets. She has always loved to read and decided to write … Continue reading J.L. Keathley

The Silver Series

Silver The Silver Series Book 1 by Cheree Alsop Genre: YA Fantasy His Father Is Murdered By Werewolf Hunters After his father is murdered, Jaze and his mother are forced to flee and start new life. On top of adjusting to a new school and trying to make new friends, he must try to stop … Continue reading The Silver Series

Robin Gregory

Robin and I came together through a blog tour. Author Bio Robin Gregory was born in Florida and raised in California with seven siblings, and in the company of cowboys, crawdads, and the occasional rattlesnake. When not writing magical realist novels and screenplays, she likes to hike in the wilderness, listen to difficult jazz, talk … Continue reading Robin Gregory

The Sherlock Jr. Detective Agency

The Sherlock Jr. Detective Agency by Marc Morgenstern Genre: YA, Teen Mystery Chas, Zoe, Xander, Nickie and Patricia and Sally make up the Sherlock Jr. Detective Agency. Even though they are only 12 years old, each one of them possess their own unique specialty. Patricia is a computer whiz, Zoe and Xander, the twins, are … Continue reading The Sherlock Jr. Detective Agency

Emily Knight

Emily Knight I Am.... Emily Knight Series Book 1 by A. Bello Genre: YA, MG Fantasy Emily Knight I AM... is about a thirteen year old warrior named Emily, who is far from ordinary and she hates it! The daughter of a heroic warrior and the press favourite problem child. Against her wishes she is … Continue reading Emily Knight