Jammy Day?

My window shows that there are specks of white fluttering down to the snow covered ground.  More snow this morning and my first reaction is to grumble.  I think that is standard when we see the snow.  It is pretty though.  The white against the dark browns and grays of the tree right outside the window.  The white against the dark green of the evergreen tree across the road.  It is pretty and I don’t have to go anywhere today.  Perhaps I’ll even get time by the fireplace. 
At some point Ken will go out and shovel / snow blow the driveway.  So tomorrow when I get ready to leave the way will be clear – at least until the end of the drive.  I know we won’t have months of looking at the white snow turning dirty and grimy because this next week we are supposed to warm up enough for it to all melt. 
I guess I’ll have to stop grumbling over it and move on to my day.  The last two days I’ve gotten a bunch of stuff off my list done.  I’ve turned in my vision statement and read my chapters.  I’ve read the short stories we will critique in class, marked my critique on them and written the letters to go with.  I’ve transcribed half of what I needed to get done.  I still have stuff on my list of course.  I’m going to tackle those this morning but I am hoping that by the afternoon I’ll be able to sit by the fireplace and read a book – a fun book. 

Is it a jammy all day day?  I don’t know but I’m thinking it might be.  I don’t want to go out at all.  I just want to get done what needs doing and hope that I get a bit of down time.  This coming week I have two long days that I have to contend with being gone early and not getting back until late.  It would be good to have a quiet and restful day before that insanity starts.

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