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Jules Hunter is actually a writing team. I met her during a takeover (I think) and I asked her some questions only to discover Jules Hunter is actually a writing team. I found it fascinating and we started talking.

Author Bio

Jules Hunter is a pseudonym for a husband wife writing team. After 19 wonderful years together they decided to turn their life experiences into novels. They live in Orange County California and run mostly off of coffee and sarcasm (well, Jules & Hunter call it wit). When they’re not researching the viability of the steamy scenes they write, they are at the beach or their favorite coffee shop creating their next romance.

In order to get both perspectives, I’ve asked Jules Hunter to have both partners answer the questions. Tell us about yourself.

Jules: I grew up as an Army brat and lived in Europe and the Middle East most of my life. I finally ended up in Southern California where I met my husband and have had 19 exciting years with him We have a son and daughter; and a grandson and granddaughter.

Hunter: I played sports through high school mainly water polo and volleyball. After many years in construction, I moved into the electronics recycling world and have owned an electronics recycling company with my wife for 5 years now.

Jules & Hunter: Being co-authors, we had to figure out a way that worked best for us to write. It was easy to start the process. We came up with the revenge betting games concept and from there decided on the main characters and outlined the story. Once that was complete, we outlined each chapter. It was when we had to decide how to get it on paper, that we had to employ a few different methods. We finally settled on either recording as we role play the characters or Jules typing as we both role play the characters. There are times that we disagree and Hunter will take the laptop to stop me from typing, and with him being 6’6” I have to work hard to get it back. Needless to say it’s a melee by the time our children and grandchildren get in on the action of trying to get the laptop back to Jules.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

Jules: I’ve wanted to be an author since was a young child. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I finally began writing. An author I respect very much suggested that I write about my life experiences as they have been many and very colorful. My husband and every family member I have had been telling me the same thing so Hunter said let’s do this together and so we did.

Hunter: I decided in January 2019, and began writing with Jules. She is an avid reader of many genres and I knew writing was what she should be doing. As her best friend, I wanted to experience that with her and we had so much fun that we’ve decided to keep it going.

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

Jules: I mostly read anything RH with a good story. I also love erotica, dark reads, sci-fi, and romance. And we do write RH and romance.

Hunter: Fantasy and Science Fiction. We don’t write in it yet, but will be soon!

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

Jules & Hunter: Deceived is absolutely an 18+ series. There are very steamy scenes and a lot of cursing, betting and murder.

What is your current release or project?

Jules & Hunter:  Deceived is our first book and it releases on Amazon September 10th (Today!!! ) We are currently working on Erased, book 2 of our Animus Series and are also outlining a few urban fantasy RH stories.

Tell us about the key characters

Kaia: The FMC had lived a hard life on the streets and currently runs a revenge betting game that has made her a lot of money. She is a surfer and prefers to live on her boat. She definitely has some lessons to learn and grows as a character.

Wolf: Kaia’s cheating ex-fiancé.

Raphael: Kaia’s best friend and new love interest. Part of the spec. ops. team protecting Kaia

Kir:  A surfer and part of the spec. ops. team protecting Kaia also a huge smartass that likes to mess with Kaia.

Andreas: Sexy, extremely smart and a tech expert. Also on the spec. ops. team protecting Kaia.

Ji-Tae: Not much is known about him.

Jaxson: Sexy southern drawl, tall muscular alpha male. Leader of the spec. op. team protecting Kaia.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

Living on a luxury yacht on the Southern California coast, after years of surviving on the streets, is a dream come true for Kaia. Being in the revenge business pays well, and Kaia has no problem exposing the greed, infidelity, and murderous intent of society’s worst humans through her own private channels, especially if it keeps her surrounded by surf, sun, and gorgeous men. After all, the only people really getting hurt are the liars and the cheaters. So what if Kaia benefits from them? As far as she’s concerned, she has the perfect life. Until she doesn’t…

When a brutal attack leaves Kaia shaken and exposed, she’s given no choice but to accept the protection of her uncle’s Spec Ops team. Unfortunately, the team comes with an agenda, and it’s not only to keep Kaia in their sights, but also to keep her in their bed. Overwhelmed by the constant attention, Kaia needs time to figure her life out and make some decisions. But things go from complicated to a total cluster when her cheating ex turns up to take over the operation. Kaia doesn’t know who to trust, who to believe, and where to turn, which leaves her vulnerable in a way that could be deadly.

Warning: This book contains a messed-up revenge game that is at best ethically dubious, a bratty heroine who has no problem pushing boundaries, two, no three, no four men who have decided that she is theirs to protect and claim, and lots of very steamy sex.

Share an excerpt (up to 800 words).

Deceived – The Animus Series Book 1

“Members, welcome to tonight’s viewing of Animus, where we satisfy your need for revenge. Note that per event rules, your monitors are now in my control.” My hip-length platinum hair slides over my shoulder as I tilt my head, giving a dark, ironic smirk into the camera for my rapt audience—these people who thrive on betting over someone else’s hardships.

“Tonight’s event is ‘Your Money or Your Wife.’ Mr. Harold Connelly is the subject. Bets close in five minutes; your monitors will then broadcast the game.” Look at them, baying for blood while staring expectantly at me through their viewing screens, eagerly waiting for me to start this evening’s entertainment.

I’m not surprised, though. It’s always been like this. This isn’t my first rodeo; I’ve been running Animus events since I created it in high school to get fast cash with a side of revenge against the world’s biggest assholes.

After I black out their monitors, I set an automatic timer so the event will broadcast on the members’ viewing screens in exactly five minutes, then I decide there’s just enough time to hit my wet bar—a perk of living on my sleek, white 105-foot yacht. Patrón shots and an ice-cold Negra Modelo are on my agenda tonight.

I throw back a few shots before opening a beer, then I get cozy in my custom leather captain’s chair, ready to monitor the game.

Behind me is a beige wall devoid of anything—a necessity so Animus members aren’t distracted during my broadcast. Views of every angle of tonight’s event, on eight of the best 4K LED screens money can buy, make sure I don’t miss a thing.

Glancing at my personal monitor where I can view the members’ reactions to the game, I shake my head at their looks of anticipation. I then power up seven other monitors showing the event taking place at the restaurant my employees set up especially for tonight’s game. The event has already begun.

“Did you hear me, Mr. Connelly? I said give up your money or your wife dies.” A sleek-looking man wearing a bespoke gray pinstripe suit is looming over Harold Connelly, holding a briefcase.

As Connelly laughs hard, both of his massive chins jiggle from the force, making me cringe. To take the focus off his Jabba the Hutt chins, I switch to a different angle; it helps so…hooray for me!

“Who the hell do you think you are? Fucking ignorant prick. Look around. What could you do to her in public?” As Connelly gestures to the patrons scattered around the restaurant enjoying their dinners and chatting, he says, “Walk out that door right now, and I’ll forget this ever happened.”

“Mr. Connelly, I’ll say this for the final time,” the sleek-looking man—or as I refer to him, New Guy—leans in closer to Connelly, his voice quiet compared to the cacophony of the restaurant. “Your wife’s been sipping from a wine glass laced with poison, and I have the antidote. As far as it concerns everyone here, it won’t matter who I am, or how it happened.

“Imagine it—she will seize, the pain wracking her body. That’s when she’ll hit the floor. She’ll most likely bite her tongue. The blood will mix with the vomit spewing from her mouth. Her head will bang repeatedly on the floor, ruining that beautiful face of hers. And then, with agony coursing through her veins, she will perish, gone forever.” New Guy leers at him. Damn, that’s almost too dramatic of a description. I’m not sure he’ll be a good addition to Animus.

He plucks a tablet out of his briefcase and deposits it on the dining table. Tonight’s his first night on the job, his trial run, so he better not screw it up. He beams the smile of a man who assumes he’s won, but I know better. Harold Connelly is a douchebag, and that will never change.

“Scan your thumbprint and transfer the money,” New Guy demands, studying his wristwatch. “Three minutes, Harold, three minutes left, before she is on the floor losing her shit.”

Do you have a favorite scene?

Jules: My fave scene is when Kaia runs into her ex at her birthday party. Kir ends up grabbing her and asking her to dance and I have to say that Kir ran away with the scene surprising both Hunter and I and Kir ended up writing the entire scene. I think it is a great scene for any woman that wanted to show off her two new boyfriends to her lying, cheating ex.

Hunter: My favorite scene is when Wolf and Jax meet for the first time. They are in Vicente’s office during Kaia’s birthday party and really do not get along. I found writing all of the birthday party scenes to be particularly challenging trying to get the timing right while showing it from multiple POV’s

What advice would you give a beginner?

Jules: Don’t listen to the people that try to bring you down. Keep writing if that makes you happy. There is a book for every reader and a reader for every book is what my wonderful editor Christa Desir always tells me.

Hunter: When you hit a brick wall, don’t keep ramming your head into it. Take a step back and have a piece of pie. Be constant, when writing, start and end with the same enthusiastic attitude.

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