Hi True Love

His True Love
True Detective Series
by Lynn Chantale
Genre: Mystery Menage Romance
In a small town, in a popular bar, beautiful women disappear. This could just be a coincidence, but private investigators, Carson, Matt and Nathalie don’t believe in them. So they go undercover.
However, when one of the missing women turns up dead, the trio is disturbed to learn the woman bore a striking resemblance to Nathalie; they increase their efforts. When Nathalie disappears from the same bar, Carson and Matt will do anything to find her.
*Contains explicit descriptions of sex, strong language, and descriptions of violence.*
Lynn Chantale resides in Southwest Florida and she is determined to enjoy all that life has to offer. She has a mad affinity for milk chocolate, preferably Dove chocolate truffles or the caramel-filled squares (Godiva is acceptable), and plays the bass guitar when the Muse begs for a bit of distraction.
She’s a multi-published author in ebooks and has recently stepped into the self-publishing world. So far both experiences have been rewarding.
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Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire by Eileen Troemel: 


When deep space explorer, Gerilynn, crash lands on a snow planet she finds herself face to face with a new species. Facing certain death, Gerilynn must rely on one of the creatures for protection, but can she trust him?

Things are not all they seem, and Gerilynn finds herself in the middle of a political nightmare. Now she must navigate a minefield of danger, betrayal and traditions that are not her own.
Will Gerilynn survive long enough to find true happiness? Or will she run out of time?

Bosses’ Brat

Bosses’ Brat by Crystal North: 


When stepbrothers and business partners, Archer, Bennet and Cole take on a new recruit, they get more than they bargained for. They may have lusted after Rhylie Hall for months, but they soon come to regret hiring her. She may be a Goddess among men, but man is she a pain in the ass!

She’s foul-mouthed and rude, she always shows up late, and she can’t seem to get anything right. When Bennet snaps and decides it’s time to let Rhylie go, Cole comes up with an ingenious way to give Rhylie the chance to redeem herself.
Lucky for them, taming brats is their specialty
Bosses’ Brat is a reverse harem short story featuring smoking hot bosses, foul language, light bdsm sexual scenes, inventive uses for office supplies and a heat level that’s too hot for words. It carries an 18+ warning.

A Star in Their Eyes

A Star in their Eyes by Amelia K. Oliver: 


Part of the 7 Days Of Romance Series
Working in the porn industry, Elliot, Brian and Heath have seen and done it all but it’s all professional.
Rachel, the new wardrobe girl, gets up close and personal with these sexy men as she fits their clothes. Secretly, she wants to gain the attention of these steamy men but her curves hold her back.
Out for a night of fun with her co-workers, Rachel boldly invites the three men back to her place. Will they embrace her curves? Will Rachel discover her power to please these men?
A short erotic story. Scenes of a sexual nature. For mature audiences only. Mmmf & mm action.

An Accidental Cupid

An Accidental Cupid by Alyssa D. Mynx: https://books2read.com/An-Accidental-Cupid
Blake and her men are at it again! Join them in this short Valentine’s Day Rom Com, part of the #7DaysOfRomance. My five sexy as sin boyfriends and I, Blake Jameson, have been living in relative bliss for a while now. I swear, I don’t get in trouble EVERY day, just, like, every other. Since the stepdad went to jail, life has changed for the better in so many ways, like moving from a closet to a mansion. Not only do I get a minimum of three square screws a day, I have cuddles in my room nightly, and my gosh the food! Let’s just say life is going pretty well for me and my guys.
But life can’t always be chocolate and roses. After a big screw up on my part, well, punishment is in order. Will it break us up? Nah. Will it heat us up? Most definitely. Punishment has never hurt so good.

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Crystal North

Title: Bosses’ Brat: A Reverse Harem Short Story (A 7 Days of Romance Collection)

Author: Crystal North

Released Date: February 14, 2020

Cover Designer: DAZED Designs

Formatter and Editor: Butterfly Girls Author Services


When stepbrothers and business partners, Archer, Bennet and Cole, take on a new recruit, they get more than they bargained for. They may have lusted after Rhylie Hall for months, but they soon come to regret hiring her. She may be a Goddess among men, but man is she a pain in the ass!

She’s foul-mouthed and rude, she always shows up late, and she can’t seem to get anything right. When Bennet snaps and decides it’s time to let Rhylie go, Cole comes up with an ingenious way to give Rhylie the chance to redeem herself.

Lucky for them, taming brats is their specialty

Bosses’ Brat is a reverse harem short story featuring smoking hot bosses, foul language, light bdsm sexual scenes, inventive uses for office supplies and a heat level that’s too hot for words. It carries an 18+ warning.

About the Author:

Crystal North is a UK born and raised author, who lives many secret lives. Her friends and family don’t know that she writes and publishes books, and she intends to keep it that way.

Crystal loves long bubble baths with good books, the outdoors, traveling, unfinished stories, swearing too much, and plotting who she would include in her own Harem; the list of potential candidates is now so high that she might have to hold auditions. Luckily, she has a very understanding husband that she shares a home in Devon with; along with their miracle son and their Miniature Schnauzer.

Author Links:

Universal link/place holder https://linktr.ee/crystalnorth

Website https://crystalnorthauthor.wixsite.com/crystalnorth

Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/383560609179481/?ref=content_filter

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/crystalnorthauthor/

Buy Links


Other books by the author:

Vengeance https://books2read.com/u/3RaGEG

Atonement https://books2read.com/u/38ENBV

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Ghost Revelations

Ghost Revelations
Ghost Dud Book 1
by Aspen Black
Genre: Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Romance
Publication Date: October 25, 2019
I was always told growing up in my family, surrounded by magic, that I was a dud. I had no power except the ability to talk to ghosts. It never bothered me because I enjoyed my job as a bartender at my Uncle’s bar that caters to the supernatural community. I spend my nights working and getting to flirt with my crush.
Then one night, my life turned upside down. Someone was murdered right around the corner and suddenly a hot wizard detective with a perfect bubble butt from MEPA, The Magical Entity Protection Agency, swooped in and asked for my help with the victims’ ghosts. Working with the detective soon leads to a race to stop a killer who is bent on exposing the supernatural community to humans with more deaths.
Join Victoria on her journey as she works to stop an evil being with the help from her crush Akira the werewolf, Lucian the wizard, and her ex-boyfriend Shax.
This is a reverse harem medium to fast burn book or a why choose novel.
F/M/M/M. This does include M/M heavy elements.
Aspen Black is often described as kooky by her friends. She writes the stories that have floated continuously in her imagination since she was a child. She’s a lemonade addict that really shouldn’t be allowed near lemons.
Being an introvert, she spends most of her time writing and reading her favorite books.
Please join her on her facebook and twitter feeds for up to date information on current and in-progress books.
She is a lover of all animals, having a small zoo at home.
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Aryana’s Journey

Aryana’s Journey
Excalibur’s Decision Book 1
by Aspen Black
Genre: Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance
Publication Date: December 20, 2019
In the twenty third century the gateways were opened by Merlin between Earth and The Realm, the home of the Fae, in search of the next King Arthur. Magic flooded the Earth, overtaking most of technology. Now, hundreds of years later, Fae have learned to coexist peacefully with humans and Merlin still searches the Earth with Excalibur.
Aryana works in the Mayor’s kennels overnight. She’s been content with her life up until the moment her eyes meet those of Merlin’s. Everything changes during the Star Festival. Her life becomes a whirlwind as she travels to Avalon with her Knights of the Round Table, her Wizard and a new ally that no one was ever expecting.
It’s up to Aryana to help stop an ancient evil that dwells deep within The Realm. She will have to learn to fight for herself with the help of Excalibur to aid in the upcoming war.
This is a slow to medium burn fantasy reverse harem why choose novel.
Aspen Black is often described as kooky by her friends. She writes the stories that have floated continuously in her imagination since she was a child. She’s a lemonade addict that really shouldn’t be allowed near lemons.
Being an introvert, she spends most of her time writing and reading her favorite books.
Please join her on her facebook and twitter feeds for up to date information on current and in-progress books.
She is a lover of all animals, having a small zoo at home.
Google Home Mini, $10 Amazon, $5 Amazon – 1 winner each!
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Lori Aisling

Lori Aisling and I met through mutual friends. I love that she considers herself a country girl!

Author Bio

Lori Aisling lives her life wrapped up in the fantasy worlds that dance around in her brain. Blessed with the gift of gab, Lori started her obsession with storytelling by working in the radio industry. Her desire to delve deeper into other worlds has led her down a path overflowing with magic, survival, love, and honor. Lori lives in Colorado with her lovable brute of a BF on a little farm. When she’s not writing, she’s probably playing with goats, chasing chickens or sinking her fingers into the dirt of her garden.

Tell us about yourself:

Hmm.  Where to start?  I am a simple country girl that was raised on a cattle ranch in western Colorado.  After high school graduation, I moved to Alaska to be closer to my family that had relocated there.  After a couple of years, I realized the cold and dark winters were not something I was going to be able to handle, so I got in my car and started driving.  I ended up in eastern Washington in an itty bitty town that somehow called to me.  I had taken a job in a gold mine in the bush of Alaska, so I lived in Washington in the winter and worked in the mine in the summer.  Cooking for a 24-hour crew of gold miners will open your eyes- let me tell ya.  It was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I saw more bears than people in those summers, about drowned at one point, and saw scenery that most people never get to view.  Since we were completely off-grid (there wasn’t even a road to get there), I added to my already impressive knowledge of sustainable living.  I began writing at that time- having no TV, radio or phone service opens you to other methods of self-entertainment.

Back in Washington, I was offered a job at a radio station and decided to take it.  I worked as a live DJ for a morning show (and gosh darn it, we were damn funny!) and I also learned how to record shows and produce commercials.  I had a great time and met some amazing people in the years that I worked there.  When the depression of 2009 struck, the company I worked for was hit hard.  Many of the full-time employees were laid-off at that time, and I was one of the casualties. 

I had been in communication with a friend from Colorado for a while and it almost seemed that the lay-off forced me to make some tough decisions.  I had never had any desire to return to Colorado, but I didn’t want to give up on the budding relationship I was in.  So I yet again packed all my belongings and headed across the country.  I have been back in Colorado for 10 years now, and I am happy to report that the relationship was worth it.  He drives me insane and I gladly return the favor at every opportunity.  I work for a water conservancy district and live on a small farm. I enjoy gardening, canning, cheese-making, and a million other self-sustaining tasks. Writing has been a passion since I was young- a way to give life to the worlds and characters that live in my head. I am thrilled to be able to show readers my worlds and just hope that they decide to stick with me for a while– I have a lot to show them!

When did you know you wanted to be an author:

Honestly, I never really thought it would happen for me.  I just assumed that my writing would be simply ‘for me’.  But about a year ago, I decided to give it a try and I am so glad that I did.  I have dreamed of seeing a book that I wrote in print since I was in elementary school.

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the genres you write in?

I will read darn near anything: true crime, mystery, historical fiction, romance, even some political non-fiction if it’s poignant– there isn’t much I shy away from.  However, I always return to fantasy.  It’s my #1 favorite genre and always will be.  As a child, I might have read Little House on the Prairie and Black Beauty, but I was absolutely engrossed with The Wind in the Willows.  Life is so real– books are a wonderful way to get a break from the reality of the daily grind. I highly doubt I will ever write outside of the fantasy genre- it’s just where my brain lives.

Is your book for adults, young adults, or children?

Adults.  I may release a book someday that could work for a YA audience, but I tend to be quite graphic in my writing. 

What is your current release or project?

The Change: Earth Realm was released on the 24th of October.  It’s a post-apocalyptic/Dystopian fantasy trilogy. I am currently finishing the re-writes and polishing of book 2; The Change: Four Others- and hope to have it released before Christmas.

Tell us about the key characters

Let me warn you- I am in love with these characters, so forgive me if I get a little worked up telling you about them!

Bristol- She is our main character and the key to saving Earth (no pressure, right?!).  This girl is the total package- smart, savvy, and wily- yet compassionate and devoted.  I wrote Bristol to encompass every trait all us ladies work towards in the path to better ourselves.

Ristan- Here’s an insider tip that I haven’t told anyone except my editor- Ristan is actually the character that is telling me this story.  Most people would assume it would be Bristol, but it’s not.  It’s this big, strong, alpha male that is dedicated to Bristol and her quest.  He has a very ‘no holds barred’ approach to life, but he’s quite soft when it comes to her. This guy hides a beast inside- literally- and when awoken, expect stuff to get broken.

Bror- Bror is the ‘Viking’ of the bunch- blue-eyed, blonde hair, and tall in stature.  He embodies comfort and understanding for Bristol, so you can expect him to give you a big case of the ‘feels’ when he’s not slaying demon-spawn. 

Bane- You’ve heard of a ‘silver-tongued devil’, right?  Well, Bane is silver-eyed instead, and with his dominating personality and incredible knowledge of the gods and their powers, he adds a lot to Bristol’s team.  If you like your guys with a hint of ‘dom’ in their character, he’s your daddy.  I won’t say more since he enters the series late in book 1.  You’ll have to read book 2 to really get a taste of Bane.

Caspian- Cas plays a very small role in book 1, so like Bane, you’ll need to continue the series to really sink your teeth into this funny and friendly member of the team.  Sneak peek- every one of her Other’s has been granted traits by numerous gods- Caspian’s jovial and easy-going nature is also host to one of the most vicious and destructive powers that could ever be bestowed.  This green-eyed darlin’ should not be underestimated.

Jessie, Jayson, & Boz- These are Bristol’s three best friends.  Jessie is a red-headed, fiery female who is also a tiger shifter, Jay is a blue-eyed vamp with a penchant for brutality, and Boz is the loyal, sweet-natured Fae.  Unlike many other series, her friends aren’t just ‘filler’.  These three are legitimate fighting machines; each of them bringing unique gifts to the table. 

Their loyal steeds- I have to mention the horses.  Any reader who loves the different breeds and appearances of horses will love this element of the book.  Not only are they a mode of transportation, but they are also an integral part of the team. And yes, Max is real and the most incredible horse I have ever had the honor of knowing. 

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

A Nebraska farm girl who is more then she appears to be.  Four powerful warriors created to guide, defend, and empower her at all costs.

A decade ago, an apocalyptic event raptured the majority of the planet’s inhabitants, the remaining citizens left scrambling to survive in this new world.  Now, hordes of evil beings wipe out the town Bristol was calling home, and she finds herself as the focus of a story too impossible to be true.  Fighting demons, beasts, and her destiny, Bristol will need to embrace this game the gods have created in order to succeed.  Awakening her power, relying on her friends, and reuniting with the four men that hold an equal stake in this battle will lead her to the pinnacle of her journey.

The continued existence of Earth hangs in the balance.  Literally.

  • Reverse Harem
  • Trigger warning: This novel contains violence, including sexual violence, which some readers may find disturbing.
  • Mature audience- 18+

Share an excerpt (up to 800 words).  

      Ristan’s eyes blazed amber and she saw his fangs emerge. His body seemed to morph, becoming even larger. His hands ended in sharp, black claws that shredded one side of Fear’s face. “You must run, Bristol! This is the only chance we have to save you and the realm.” The thought came at her as a snarl and Bristol scrambled to her feet, running out the door and down the street, heading the opposite direction that they had come when they entered the town. She ran hard, pumping her legs, her lungs screaming for more air. Tears streamed down her face, leaving Ristan filling her with dread. As she approached the outskirts of town, in the thick darkness she saw movement headed at her at a breakneck speed. Phase was running straight at her, his eyes glowing the same amber as the man for whom he was created. Seeing the giant warhorse filled her with resolve. If he would run headlong into the battle, she would not run from it. “Wait for me, Bror. I cannot leave him,” she said, resolved.

     “Bristol, NO!” Bror screamed in her head. “Fear will kill you! If you die, all is lost!” The anguish was apparent in his thoughts, yet she could not walk away from this. As the horse neared her, Bristol braced herself and softened her knees. Right as he was about to pass her, Bristol reached up and grabbed the saddle horn, swinging her right leg into the air. Flinging herself onto his back Bristol leaned into the horse’s mane. “Go to him,” she commanded the steed. The horse laid his ears back as his neck stretched forward and he raced across the gravel street back in the direction she had just fled. Coming up fast to the bar, she saw Ristan stumble out the door. Blood marred his features and he leaned into the doorframe for balance. Black tendrils of inky ooze were sliding through the windows, and following him out the door, trying to surround him. Phase let out a snort and a whinny and Ristan looked up. “Grab onto me, Ristan. I will not leave you here. If you die, I die. Leaving you is not balance. You are mine.” She heard Bror screaming in her mind, his fear for her apparent as she projected to both of them. Approaching at breakneck speed, she leaned off to the side of the horse, extending herself, crooking her elbow. Ristan hooked her arm in his and swung up behind her. Never breaking stride, Phase continued to run at top speed, Bristol leaned over his neck, Ristan wrapped around her back.

     “Gods, Bristol! Where are ya, girl! Ristan!” Bror was frantic in his thoughts.

     “I have him, Bror. We will find you soon. Keep riding. Keep yourself and my friends safe, we will catch up soon. None of us can risk getting captured. I will never leave either of you behind. You will not sacrifice yourselves for me. You are my Others, not my lambs to be slaughtered.”

Riding at a full run around the outskirts of the town, Phase dodged obstacles, cleared fallen trees and kept his footing as they raced from the settlement in the direction the rest of the team was headed. Leaving the mayhem behind them in a cloud of dust, Phase carried them into the safety of night.                                                                                                                                                     

Do you have a favorite scene?

I think I do- and then I re-read a section and change my mind.  However, I really do love the scene with Bristol, Bror and Ristan in the mountains when the guys are helping her hone her powers.  I feel that this particular section really cements the bond between the team.  The character building that takes place is really relevant and important in giving readers an ‘insider look’ at the dynamics of the group.

What advice would you give a beginner?

Heck, we are all beginners, right?  If you have written one book or one hundred- every new manuscript is a fresh story with its own challenges and hurdles.  As an infant novelist myself, I tell myself every day to just keep writing.  Whether it’s ten words for five thousand– don’t let that story get away from you.  The world needs your tale. 

Facebook links:

Author profile:  https://www.facebook.com/lori.aisling.7

Public Group:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/728726604242532/

Amazon author page:   https://www.amazon.com/Lori-Aisling/e/B07ZBQ462V?ref_=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000

Mercy DeSimone

Mercy DeSimone and I met through social media. She and I are both the youngest of six!

Author Bio

 Mercy DeSimone is the pen name of a corporate refugee who decided that life was meant to be more fun. She now works in the Beauty industry where she is finally able to indulge her love of lipstick and rainbow hair colors. A self-professed champagne snob, cocktail enthusiast and overall Queen of Useless Trivia, she is fluent in Schoolhouse Rock and indulges her caffeine addiction 5 shots of espresso at a time.

Mercy believes that life has a soundtrack and is an avid music lover. She creates Spotify playlists for every book she writes. Her Spectral Vibrations playlist is an eclectic assortment of old school vinyl and new alt/indie vibes that help tell the story lyrically.  https://open.spotify.com/user/kooifok72s5lb4jkr2dtik48t/playlist/0E8QXhUWgpZvrnYVoKqOZA?si=pO0X1zQwTPWZsKlDbhsxnQ

When not writing and listening to music, she can be found whipping up cocktails and contributing pins to her Pinterest boards for FoodPorn and Great Wines For Wine Snobs On a Budget.

Tell us about yourself.

As the youngest of 6, I’ve always been a voracious reader. To this day I have an obsession with Dr. Seuss. I don’t remember being read to as a child, but my mother and some of my siblings were also obsessive readers. I do remember my sister passing books down to me after she had grown too old for them (she’s 10 years older), some of which, like A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, became lifetime favorites. I also remember stealing my mom’s racy romance novels when I was 12. 

I love to cook, and music holds a huge place in my heart. My employees often say they can track me by my incessant humming to some internal soundtrack. 

My idols have always been authors, chefs and musicians. In a perfect world, I would have my own talk show where I’d invite a great chef to cook for us, my favorite musician to play for us, and we’d all sit down with one of my favorite writers for great food, music, and conversation. 

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

 I never consciously said ‘I want to be an an author’. I always considered myself more of a storyteller and thought I should have my own talk show or be a DJ. In a previous job, I used to do events around the country where I would speak to small audiences and come back with funny stories, and people would say you should write a book.

Even now, my coworkers occasionally say ‘let’s write a book’ about something funny or strange that happened with our customers.  When someone says, ‘you can’t make this stuff up’, I laugh. Well apparently you can -because one day my co-writer on our first book challenged me to write something with her, based on a funny Facebook thread that went viral. After that, I decided I can do this. There are stories to tell, and I have a voice. Now it’s time to see if those stories resonate with others the way I hear them in my hand. 

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

I grew up reading historical romance, then high fantasy, PNR and urban fantasy. I also love Contemporary romance. My first co-write was Contemporary romance and my new book is sci-fi romance. I guess in the end, I pretty much read anything, but I like stories that are more uplifting, and I think that carries over into what I want to write. 

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

 My first books were definitely adult with some steamy and explicit sexuality. My new sci-fi romance is also 18+ but is more of a medium burn. As a Reverse Harem writer, we seem to automatically get pegged as more adult writers because the choice of multiple, consensual relationships are outside of everyday norms. 

What is your current release or project? 

My new book baby , Spectral Vibrations, is my first solo full length book and releases this month. If all goes as hoped, it’s the first of a three book arc in a sci-fi romance. I’ve also started another RH Contemporary Romance, as well as a techno thriller. The techno thriller is way outside of my wheelhouse, but it was brought to me by a friend who is not a writer. He really needed someone to give life to the story in his head and I said I’d give it a shot, but it’s not a sexy book and is more about the action and conspiracy vs. the relationships.  We’ll have to see if I can slip some romantic longing in there somewhere.

Tell us about the key characters

 In Spectral Vibrations, our characters live on another planet called Krysalis.  Our FMC is Tanzy. She’s a scientist, a Violet, and an Empathic Healer. Orphaned at a very young age, she eventually bonded to her best friend and fellow scientist, Laz. He’s a Blue aura, and also helps lead their science team.

We also have Titan, a politician with a Yellow aura who is appointed to oversee Tanzy and Laz’s science team when their leader is murdered. Jasper is a Red Warlord who acts as a ceremonial guard for the leaders of Krysalis, and has a particular interest in Tanzy. Finally, on Earth we’re introduced to Dixon who is a widower and former army contractor, who literally stumbles across Tanzy in the desert when she crashes to Earth. 

Tanzy is a smart but simple girl who is driven by her love of science and discovery. She’s not particularly ambitious, and she has no desire for power. When she gets thrust into the middle of a power play, she’s a bit disoriented but she’s not naive, and she shouldn’t be underestimated. If forced to play the game, she will make it a point to not only learn, but excel at the game.

7. What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

  In the mood for something different? Here’s a quirky little RH space oddity… 🔜 Coming soon to a Kindle near you!  

In a galaxy far away, a supernova changed a world forever. Energy became the daily fix, sex became currency, and children were a thing of the past. How do you create a future when you can’t move beyond the present?   They say you can’t hear a scream in space… but some of us can feel the pain. 

 Deep Space


 Good Vibrations

 Karma Chameleons & a Squeazel

 Houston, we have a problem. Did you get all that? 

      All I ever wanted was to be a Scientist; what I never anticipated was becoming an Empathic Healer. Luckily, my bondmate, Laz, has always been my center. As a Duo, we have power, but someone believes that we can be more. 


     The day I crashed to Earth, a secret buried in the past became an opportunity for our future. What happens when power is suddenly up for grabs, on a world where the color of your aura determines your path, and your vibrational frequency determines your strength? 

Could the ruling Spectrum soon be a thing of the past? Only if I can create a Spectrum of my own – with the sexy men who keep hovering in my orbit, hoping to anchor their frequency to mine..

 ️ Duos, Triads and Quartets, oh my! It’s a cat and mouse game in outer space. What color is your aura?

️    Share an excerpt

“Come on, take that pretty face of yours in there and give her vibration something to spark at.” I can’t help teasing him, even though I know it’s cruel, considering the obsession he’s had with her for so long. We’re not usually competitive, but it would be hard to stand by now and watch her bond with Jasper when I can’t have her myself.

Growling low in his throat, Jasper gives me a disgusted look before turning toward the door and stopping abruptly again.

“What is the goal?”

Shrugging my shoulders, I wave him on. “Just find out what’s she’s up to. Either get her to finish, or find out why she’s hesitating. We need to end this charade so we can move on.”

Rolling his eyes, Jasper punches the door release before heading down the hall. Facing the screens again, I watch Tanzy lounge on her stool, feet swinging as she hums to herself. I can’t help but smile at her unaffected sense of serenity as she waits… for what, I can’t imagine.

At the hissing of the door lock, she suddenly straightens and turns toward the computer as if she’s been studiously researching all this time. Her docile smile freezes for a moment when she sees Jasper; clearly she was expecting Marin. But she recovers quickly, eyes darting back down to her page before acknowledging his presence.

“Are you finished?” Jasper asks her as he stops at the edge of her table, feet planted and arms crossed over his broad chest.

“Almost. I just need to cross-check this one result,” she says slowly, drawing out the words and squinting at the screen, making a good show of being engrossed in what she’s doing. “There,” she says satisfaction evident in her face, “that should do it.”

Turning her gaze back to Jasper she stares at him innocently. “What are you doing here? Is Marin on his way, or do I need to  call him? I thought there wasn’t a time limit.”

She throws question after question at Jasper to keep him from asking questions of his own. I have to admit, it’s a good tactic, but she doesn’t know my friend. He’s like a boulder – silent, massive, and impenetrable.

Finally discomfited by the silent, unyielding expression on his face, she starts to fidget, twisting the cup in her hand awkwardly, as she waits for him to speak. Peeping up under her bangs at him as if assessing his mood, I find myself watching her carefully, wondering what’s going through her mind. If I hadn’t been watching so closely, I probably would have missed it; the small arc of energy that sparked from her hand toward Jasper as she raised it to push away from the table. Leaning heavily on the console, I push my face closer to the observation screen, searching for another sign.

Do you have a favorite scene?

It’s always easy to go for the sexy scene, and I do love one where she finally gets to explore sex closer to the way we understand it.  But I believe my favorite is probably a flashback and what I like to refer to as the “Bambi” scene. If you’re a Disney fan, you instinctively know what that’s going to be about. 

What advice would you give a beginner?

Stop comparing and just keep going. It’s so easy to get caught up in what other people are doing, and feeling like you’re not measuring up to more prolific writers. This has to be about YOUR journey. I fall in and out of love with my book over and over during the process of writing. The trick is to always end when you’ve found your passion for the story. No matter how discouraged you feel on certain days, be willing to put words to the page even if they’re nonsense.  There’s always a kernel of truth or magic in everything you write. You’ll never know if you don’t allow it to happen. 

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