Legend of Song de Light

Legend of Song de Light audio play
“…words and prose that comes directly from the poet’s heart. It set as an audio play, with character sketches and individual acts. Her words spoken in the character’s voice is so melodic and lyrical. The words come to life, as the details bring the reader in and enjoy the story…Kaitlynzq definitely paints a beautiful scene and story with her prolific words…” by Amy with Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews
This is a very unique book…This is an entertaining story full of lovely poetry that paints beautiful images in the mind.” by Gina with Gina Rae Mitchell
Legend of Song de Light is a book filled with romantic stories about couples from different eras. The writing style varies from prose to poetry. The detailing description of the scenes manages to stimulate your imagination, bring out very strong emotions and creates some breathtaking moments…5 stars.” by Ioanna with nanasbookreviews
Legend of Song de Light audio play is included in the interconnected
series Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu
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