Losing Brain Cells

This week has been about being a bum I guess.  I have been watching TV and crocheting.  I feel like I’m accomplishing nothing but at the same time I don’t have a story pushing at my brain. 

I finished Bomb Girls.  I mostly enjoyed the series but was ticked about the ending.  They killed one of my favorite characters.  Additionally, one of the characters enlisted in the CWACS but earlier in the series she’d lost the sight in her eye.  They also messed with the dates of the timeline.  At one point earlier in the series it was 1944 and then for the last episode it was 1943.  Overall good series and interesting premise. 

I started watching Are You the One last night – random show in Amazon Prime.  It was produced by MTV and was about ten men and ten women who are looking for love.  I watched three episodes and will probably finish the season as it is ridiculous and stupid.  There is nothing redeeming about this show.  Why do people expect to find love in a reality tv show?  Yet I’m ridiculous in watching it but I have to.  Supposedly they’ve done matchmaking and each person has a perfect match on the show.  They have to find their perfect match and if all ten couples are matched up after the ten tries, the entire group wins a million dollars. 

I blame the loss of brain cells from this show on the yarn and crochet project I was working on.  My yarn was tangled and it took me forever to untangle it.  I didn’t even untangle it completely.  I ended up cutting out the tangle.  I watched the first episode to see how it was and knew it was blah.  The second episode I watched to finish the project but didn’t finish it.  The third episode was because I still wasn’t done and I just wanted something to watch in order to finish it. 

Sadly, I’m probably going to have to watch the rest to see if who ends up with who.  It is crazy and I’ll be losing brain cells.  I’ll be crocheting at least while I’m doing it so there is one redeeming factor.

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