Manuscript Progress

Procrastination is a great tool if you don’t want to accomplish anything. Today I set up posts for my blog, did some promoting on some of my books, celebrated my first hardcover book and a variety of other tasks in order to avoid writing.

I had a lot of excuses – my female character is too… I hate my story which is me being unsure of whether I’ve got the right tone. So I putzed in the story. A bump into encounter which lead to breakfast… a conversation with her daughter…. texts from her ex (bastard that he is) and more.

I whined to another author about being outside my comfort zone in genre, and so many aspects of the story. Finally my little Bash Bear (one year old kitten) came and lay on my lap for attention. He wanted Grammy time. He snuggled in and I pet him, scritched his chin and gave him love.

When he had enough Grammy time, I realized I needed to stop my bitching and just get it done. Now it’s 2 am and I’m headed for bed. I’ve written 6752 and I’m up over 11,500 for total words. All good and I am starting to like my female character more. I also like how my characters are syncing with each other. Only 38,500 left to go. Hopefully tomorrow I get some good writing time in. This will be my focus all week. If I can get somewhere between 3-5K words each night, I might be able to finish the rough draft in a week. Fingers and toes crossed but we’ll see whether the characters will cooperate with me.

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