Didn’t Make My Deadline

Well I need to finish this rough draft. I wanted it done by June 1 – yup today – so I would have plenty of time to edit.

Today I planned to write all day. I wanted to spend most of the day just working on the manuscript. I got some time in but my nephew stopped by which was a pleasant visit. Then we had to talk about construction issues. Meals interrupted.

I did manage to get 6469 written today. I’m now up to a little over 18000 words. The fun thing was a scene popped up out of nowhere and presented itself. Which is great. Now it’s nearly 1 am and I cannot think of a single thing to write next. I know it’s because I’m tired so I’m off to bed and hope I wake up with lots of ideas.

This week is all about my day job during the daytime hours and after hours will all be about this story. Hopefully I will manage to get sleep but I need to make about 5K a night in order to finish in a week.

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