Moon Energy

The moon has the power to shift the tides, it is to be expected that it would also affect other things as well.  The phase of the moon affects the energy around you and how you feel.  We’ve all heard how the full moon pulls out the crazy people. 

My sister loves the energy of the full moon.  It gives her energy and fills her with positive energy.  I, on the other hand, am not so thrilled with the full moon.  Full moon energy overloads me.  I have a lot of headaches around the full moon.  I also feel over tired and cranky (crankier than normal for me).

The dark moon for me is like sliding under the most comfortable blanket.  It gives me energy and creativeness.  I find comfort in the calm of the dark moon.  My meditations are more intuitive and have more depth.

This last week has been the last crescent dark moon through the dark moon and moving into the first crescent energy.  Last Sunday I started writing what I thought would be a short story.  At ten days of working on it, I have 53,000 words done.  I believe it will be a novel and possibly a series of novels.  I’m got the book planned out and will likely finish it before the full moon – I hope. 

By the full moon, my energy will likely shift from creative to practical.  The practical helps me shut out the blast of energy the full moon gives me. 

Being aware of the affect the moon energy has on my own energy helps me make the most of it.  I’m able to tap into and use the creative energy when it is flowing.  I’m able to buffer myself from energy overload.

For more on using the moon energy, see my Moon Affirmations book available on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Nobles. 

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