Moon Affirmations Journal

Now available in paperback a journal to go along with Moon Affirmations!  I’m really excited about this one.  It was an aha moment for me.  I received some promotional items I ordered for one of my other books (working on a project and needed something to include with my brand).  One of the items I received – journals I made on Vista Print.  They turned out really nice!

In the moment of looking at them I thought – huh?  I should totally do this for Moon Affirmations except with Moon Affirmations, I wanted it to include some of the art from TJ Jahns (go to her website).  She did amazing pictures for the book and I wanted to keep them for the journal as inspiration.

I decided I would create my own journal.  This led to lots of questions.  How do I do lines?  Do I want lines?  I wish journals had both lined pages and blank pages.  I realized it was a great opportunity for me to create what I would want in a journal.  For each chapter heading and day, there are lined pages and blank pages.  Some of the artwork from the original is in there.  Hopefully it will inspire the readers of Moon Affirmations as they do the meditations and work on themselves.

It’s available on:
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I’d love to hear feedback on this journal or any of my books or crochet patterns.  Feel free to contact me through my web page or leave a comment on this blog!

Moon Energy

The moon has the power to shift the tides, it is to be expected that it would also affect other things as well.  The phase of the moon affects the energy around you and how you feel.  We’ve all heard how the full moon pulls out the crazy people. 

My sister loves the energy of the full moon.  It gives her energy and fills her with positive energy.  I, on the other hand, am not so thrilled with the full moon.  Full moon energy overloads me.  I have a lot of headaches around the full moon.  I also feel over tired and cranky (crankier than normal for me).

The dark moon for me is like sliding under the most comfortable blanket.  It gives me energy and creativeness.  I find comfort in the calm of the dark moon.  My meditations are more intuitive and have more depth.

This last week has been the last crescent dark moon through the dark moon and moving into the first crescent energy.  Last Sunday I started writing what I thought would be a short story.  At ten days of working on it, I have 53,000 words done.  I believe it will be a novel and possibly a series of novels.  I’m got the book planned out and will likely finish it before the full moon – I hope. 

By the full moon, my energy will likely shift from creative to practical.  The practical helps me shut out the blast of energy the full moon gives me. 

Being aware of the affect the moon energy has on my own energy helps me make the most of it.  I’m able to tap into and use the creative energy when it is flowing.  I’m able to buffer myself from energy overload.

For more on using the moon energy, see my Moon Affirmations book available on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Nobles. 


At some point I’m going to have to cope with negative reviews.  I can only hope I handle them with grace.  However, for now I’ve got two reviews on Secret Past and they are both wonderful and positive! 

These reviews help promote my book.  If someone reads the reviews, they may decide to purchase the book.  This could lead to them looking for more of my work which could then lead to more sales.  Plus it could lead to more reviews – hopefully positive reviews.

I write reviews and try to be as informative as possible so the people who read them understand where I’m coming from and can make an informed decision.  If I list why I don’t like or do like something then the reader of the review can say – hey I know that bugs me about books or that wouldn’t bug me. 

Reviews are key.  It helps to get information out there about the item – whether it is a book or other item.  I know when I look at products I’m influenced by well written and insightful reviews. 

Here is a link to Secret Past on Amazon:

If you’ve read my books, please go out and take a couple minutes to review them on whatever site you purchased them from. 

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Secret Past
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Moon Affirmations  Daily Meditations Using the Moon Phase to Focus Your Energy

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Moments in Nature
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Moon Affirmations Daily Meditations Using the Moon Phases to Focus Your Energy

This book has been close to my heart for a good many years.  It has been with different publishers and close to be published a number of times.  Finally, it is a reality.  I’m very excited and proud to let everyone know that Moon Affirmations is finally available. 
The book started while meditating at a local county park with my dear friend Laura.  Lying on the ground staring up at the moon through the tree limbs inspired me.  The first go round took me two weeks to write.  It has grown in length and depth since then. 
TJ came on board and has created some beautiful illustrations that enhance my words.  It is her first publication.  She is a wonderful artist with great talent. 
Come see what all the fuss is about.  Moon Affirmations is available on