Movies and Crocheting

Yesterday I watched four movies – Deadpool, Captain America Civil War, Mr. Holmes, and Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit.  I enjoyed all the movies.

Deadpool – not for children but as an R rated movie, hilarious filled with violence and sex (no innuendo here blatant sex).  I love the sarcasm in the movie.

Captain America – good fight scenes but overall the movie is a bit depressing.

Mr. Holmes – a thinking movie, Sherlock Holmes is in his 90s and starting to have dementia.  His housekeeper and her son live with him and help him.  He tries to remember his last case.  There are three stories going on in this movie and it is fascinating.

Jack Ryan – the typical action film.  I’d seen it before but opted to watch it again.  It was a good “crochet without having to watch the tv” movie.

For all of them, except Captain America, I crocheted during the movie.  I am a little over half done with the project.

At the movie theater, I was ticked when I got home.  My shirt and jacket were stuck to my pants.  Someone had left gum in the seat I sat in so I came home with gum smeared all over.  Ken has been trying to get it out.  He’s managed to get it out of the jacket and shirt and is trying one more thing for the pants.

Last night was a bad night.  I woke up several times unable to move my fingers, knees, ankles.  This means lots of pain today but I can’t let it stop me.  I have to finish this project.  I also have a few other projects to work on.  I’m hoping to get the first one done and see what time it is before I go back to tackling the other projects.

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