Need a Weekend to Recover from My Weekend

Yesterday was exceedingly productive.  Ken got up early to collect firewood from his brother’s house.  On the way home he stopped at Sorg’s to pick up our order.  I made sure I was up, dressed and organized by the time he got home. 
We went to Schnuck’s grocery store as they were having a 10 for 10 get the 11th free sale.  We bought only sale items and saved about $94 dollars between sales and coupons. 
Back home, Ken had fixed my chair sort of so I worked on Moon Affirmations – the paper edition.  It is in the review process and I’m obsessively checking every hour or so to see if it has finally made it through review.  I also wrapped three of the graduation gifts I had finished crocheting. 
In the evening we wandered out again to go to Walmart.  Ken found the last graduation gift I wanted so he picked that up.  Then we went to Target for Stephanie who wanted Brewer’s sunglasses.  Sadly they didn’t have any.  Finally we stopped at Woodman’s to do the last of our shopping.  We only got about three or four things that we didn’t have a coupon for and we saved $21.25 in coupons. 
By the time we got home Ken was done.  I came back to the computer and did a few things on the next project.  I’m organizing my poems.  This means I have the electronic file, paper copy, and it listed on my spreadsheet.  I got through A’s and B’s last night.  I also obsessively checked on Moon Affirmations.  Moon Affirmations made it onto Barnes and Noble this week as well.  
I played on the computer for a bit before I settled into the living room to read a book.  I’m reading Lean In.  It is a very good book.  It is about how women struggle for acceptance and equality even in today’s supposed enlightened era.  I recommend it for all people.
Unfortunately I slept poorly again.  This is about three weeks of sleep being elusive to me.  It would be nice to go to sleep easily and actually stay asleep for four to six hours. At this stage I’m lucky to get four solid.
Today is process food, obsessively check on Moon Affirmations, and relax at some point.  I want to get food prepped for me to easily grab it during the week for breakfast and lunch.  If you’ve read my blog for any length of time you know I’m not a morning person so it has to be exceedingly simple or I won’t remember in the morning.  I’ve got dip, turkey burgers, and coleslaw to make.  I have to prep cucumbers, peppers, and other items to go in the freezer.  If I have time, I want to work on the poetry project as well.  You would think with all we did yesterday we could sit back and relax today but that won’t be the case.
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