Never Have I Ever


Queen Bee Kyra has several rules:
1. Get out of my bed before the sun rises.
2. Ignore me in the morning.
3. My bed. My rules.
Kyra never counted on sweet, perfectionist Samantha turning those rules upside down. All of them, of course, except the last.
Add: 4. Don’t even think about the L-word.


Julia McBryant lives in the prettiest city in the whole world with her roving nebula of German Shepherds and a terrier the shelter SAID was a German Shepherd mix, but it stopped growing and started yipping. She might as well have bought a dog off Southern born, Southern bred, and when she dies, she’ll be Southern dead, Julia loves gold glitter, brand-new pens her children haven’t stolen, and notebooks full of character details.

She would like to be finding whelks on the beach at Tybee, admiring the hand-sized moonsnails at Botany Bay, eating oxtail in Rome, or drinking liquor while her husband barbecues a pig. This sounds a hell of a lot more redneck than it actually is.

She also enjoys unicorns, caffeine, and unicorns on caffeine. Julia can generally be bribed with bacon, very good guacamole, and anything related to David Bowie, who is remains alive in all of her books.

When she isn’t writing she’s writing.

She would like to thank the makers of Monster Energy drinks and Coffee.


“Like my room?” Kyra asks.

“At least you know how to clean up, unlike Lucas.”

“Yeah,” Kyra says. She yanks the comforter down. “But I don’t like getting the velvet fucked up.” She shoves Samantha—it doesn’t take much of a push—and she’s on her back on the bed. “I prefer actual sheets, thanks.”

For a stomach-fluttering second, Samantha thinks Kyra’s going to pin her, but she flops next to her instead and kicks her stilettos off. Samantha starts to do the same. “Oh no, girl. Did I say you could take your heels off?” Kyra demands.

Samantha freezes. Kyra laughs. “Oh, take them off if you want,” she says. “But this is going to be fun, isn’t it? Let me guess. You like girls in theory. You’ve made out with a few. You’ve even grabbed some tits. But you’ve never really done much with another girl, have you?”

“I think you owe me a shot,” Samantha says.

“I think, by the time this is over, you won’t give a fuck,” Kyra tells her. She rolls over and straddles Samantha. “Last chance to back out, baby.”

“Wouldn’t miss it, baby,” Samantha smirks.

“Honey, I know what I’m good at.” Kyra’s suddenly very, very close to Samantha, catlike, all sinuous grace, and whispers in her ear. “And I’m real good at pussy.” Her teeth rake against Samantha’s ear, just the barest bit.

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