Wayfarer – Books 10, 11, 12

In this trio of books, Adara finishes her pregnancy with an early delivery under less than perfect conditions. Babies had already been born. I didn’t want there to be too much repetition. I don’t want to give away too much but in this trio of books, there’s a scene or maybe two, where when I wrote them made me cry. I hope they are well written enough to move the readers to feel as strongly as I did. By Conviction, there are some serious hints as to changes in the series.

Wayfarer Expansion 

Adara’s pregnancy was supposed to take up one book. She was supposed to have the kid and move on to parenting. This definitely did NOT happen. Characters go where they want – I just write it down.


Friend or foe?

Mostly over her morning sickness, Adara juggles Decker being over protective, a new relationship for her niece Jolen, and meeting a new race.  While escorting settlers to a new planet, Adara and Decker meet the Tuscalain people. 

Will they be as dangerous as the Hettians or an ally? 


Wayfarer Acceptance 

Like a real pregnancy, I was starting to feel like Adara’s would never end. However, I knew she wasn’t going to give birth in the normal way of birthing. This book was one of the most difficult to write. There were scenes where I cried and felt a bit of horror but they had to be in the book.


Adara gives birth!

Their daughter arrives early and under less than ideal circumstances.

Finally they learn why so many attempts have been made on Adara’s life. While Adara and Decker get used to being parents, Jolen and Tillie take on a hacker. Rhia and Bas work on a murder case.

Adara meets thirteen year old Bethania from the Holy Cross. The Holy Cross is an old private vessel carrying too many people.

It spells disaster.


Wayfarer Convictions 

Decker and Adara are comfortable in their relationship. They are adjusting to being new parents. But of course that can’t be it for them. The new ship and procedures are working well. In this book, there’s a hint of conspiracy probably because I love to listen to them. Some are ridiculous and some may sound too true for comfort.


Raiders, Tuscalains, and cold cases!

Walter Farento, a services efficiency expert observes the Phoenix. Rhia fumbles for leads in her cold case, while the hacker eludes Jolen. Avin hunts a firebug. Sabotage threatens the assembly of a new station. A breakthrough in the cold case points to something deeper and more sinister.

It all amounts to just another day on the job for Adara and Decker


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