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Jellyfish at the Atlanta Aquarium

This week has flown by. With classes not started yet at work, I was hoping for quiet but I was busy.

On the writing front, I’ve been so busy working on my new website. Yes the old one is going away soon. I’ve been learning a lot about the new features I have available and some I won’t have. Mostly I like more of the new than not. I do wish I could have slide shows. However, I know this site will combine my blog and my website so it’s all in one place. This will hopefully make me more efficient.

I’ve got book tours I host almost daily. These are authors who have books they are promoting but they are also doing a giveaway so please go look and maybe comment on them so you can get free stuff like Amazon gift cards and so on.

I’ve also got author and editor interviews. I invite authors and editors to answer ten questions so we can get to know them better. I’ve met some interesting authors and editors. I’ve added to my to read pile (which is threatening to topple over and crush me).

What I’m working on now is a lot of behind the scenes stuff. I’m going to update my short story covers as I hate the original ones. I’m also editing Wild Magic 2 and looking for a name. I’m pretty sure I can’t name it just Wild Magic 2. I’ve got a short story I’m editing in spits and spurts. I’ve also been writing a tiny bit here and there. The sad thing is I have two stories in my head which keep pushing at me but I don’t have time right now to work on them.

I’ll be at the Whitewater Public Library on January 19! I’ll have my books, some crocheting and my niece has made some jewelry and she will be with me. As normal, I’m a little nervous about the public appearance thing. I’d still love to see anyone who wants to stop and chat.

This weekend I’m working on mom’s photos I hope. I’ve got two more behind the scenes writing things to do and then I’ll try to tackle the million pictures my mom took. I’ve got a new scanner so first I’ll have to figure out my new tech. Oh and my nephew came out to help me set up a new to me computer. New tech there I’m working on learning. I do have to say it’s faster than my old computer which I think was about fifteen years old. It worked really well until recently and then I got the blue screen of death. I’m still getting used to the new computer so there may be cursing and grumbling going on. This doesn’t mean I don’t like the computer but it means I’m not used to it yet. Wish me luck – hopefully I can figure out both without my head exploding.

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