New Technology

Jellyfish at the Atlanta Aquarium This week has flown by. With classes not started yet at work, I was hoping for quiet but I was busy. On the writing front, I've been so busy working on my new website. Yes the old one is going away soon. I've been learning a lot about the new … Continue reading New Technology


Sitting in the recliner writing, I had my phone near me charging, a heating pad on my foot, and my netbook charging.  I was surrounded by cords.  I told my daughter that I had to be careful or I was going to get tangled in my cords and die.Our technology runs us.  I wouldn't give … Continue reading Cords

Return from Vacation

While I had guest bloggers covering two weeks ago, I was on vacation and getting a ton of homework and other things done.  I enjoyed my very productive week off work.  I haven’t enjoyed my return from vacation.  It was the week from hell at work.  There were miscommunications, registration issues, problems and more problems.  … Continue reading Return from Vacation

No Electronics

I just read a news article about a woman who turned off her and her children’s electronic for six months.  She felt their lives were too dependent on all of the electronic devices in their lives.  So she took away ipods, cell phones, computers, video games, television, etc.  One daughter disliked it so much she … Continue reading No Electronics