No Alarm!

Happy 4th of July!  My one desire for today was to not set my alarm and just wake up naturally to see if I could get more sleep.  I worked on writing until 12:30 and went to bed.  This morning I woke up at 7:00.  I did go back to sleep and doze until 8:00 and lay in bed contemplating whether I wanted to get up until about 8:15. 
It was nice to wake up more naturally than to a demanding alarm clock.  However, I didn’t really get more sleep.  Apparently my body says 6 – 7 hours is enough.  This is okay for me it means I’m up to work on writing for a bit before we dive into the list of stuff that has to get done. 
The girls are flying in tomorrow.  It will be wonderful to see them in person.  There are a lot of things planned for when they are back.  Hopefully we can get them all in and still have some of those wonderful family moments.

Tomorrow I’m going to have time alone in my house as Ken has to work and Vicki is going to the library for her volunteering.  I’ll be setting the alarm so I can maximize the time I have alone.  For the time the girls are here I’ll have to see if there might be a day or two I can give the alarm a day off again.  Once the girls go back to Georgia I still have five days off but I think I’ll be making the most of the time by writing as much as possible so more likely to set the alarm.  I enjoy waking up on my own much more than I do waking up to an alarm.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often.

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