The concert was EXCELLENT!  Ken and I both enjoyed the concert very much.  I don’t think either of us would have missed it for anything.  It was great for me to see Ken enjoying the live music of his favorite group.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the music (mostly). 

I loved watching the people react and be enthralled.  I loved the drums.  I loved the music though I felt they could have turned it down.  The entire experience was a very positive one.
What I didn’t enjoy was the onslaught of chaos on my senses.  Before we even got to the gates of Summerfest I wanted to turn around and go home.  There was so much noise with music of all kinds coming from every direction.  It made me stressed just listening to it.  I felt like I wanted to go to all the volume switches and turn them down.  There was just a cacophony of noise with nowhere to escape from it.
The other thing I didn’t like was all the people.  Don’t get me wrong I love to people watch but the idea of trying to struggle through the masses caused me a lot of anxiety.  I was using my scooter for the first time in a large group.  This might have been part of my anxiety as I wasn’t sure how fast to go or how quickly it would stop.  I didn’t want to hit or run over anyone.  Plus I wasn’t sure how well the scooter would do over uneven ground.  It was actually really good.  I just didn’t like all the people.  The snatches of conversation, the smell of alcohol, the noise of so many people competing with so much music and other noise.  It was all just overwhelming. 
Once we were settled in our seats, the crush of people didn’t bother me as much, probably because I was in a protected area where I wasn’t in the way or jostled by the crowd.  Then I sort of got into the people watching thing.  We had EMTs there for a woman who looked like she got too hot.  We had a couple with a baby there – not what I would have done.  There was a whole section who once the concert started danced through the whole concert.  I didn’t see any drunk and disorderly which was good as that would have spoiled the night.  Everyone just seemed to be having a good time. 
Big downside to the night, we got home at midnight and Ken was up at three to get ready for work.  He will have a rough week because of the lack of sleep this week.  He really enjoyed the concert so I’m sure he thinks it was worth it. 

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