On the Line

This is in the #KBWorld Everyday Heroes. I got this opportunity to write in this world and was scared to death of stepping outside my comfort zone. I don’t usually write contemporary romance – though I love it.

I put it aside – though I had a year to write it. I kept saying – oh I need to write it but I have no idea how to do this. I saw her books were written in first person of which I’m not a huge fan. I asked and I didn’t have to write in first person.

I kept putting up roadblocks for myself. Then it came down to two months before it was due. I was like holy crap I need to get this written. So I started writing. First decision – Allison would be an older woman, mature and not overly interested in a new relationship since she got out of a 20 year bad marriage.

From there the story grew and I remembered why I love to write contemporary romance. Each scene fed off the previous but at one point, I wanted them to go on a date – well group date. I asked my daughters for ideas. I didn’t want them to go to dinner or out to a movie. My oldest daughter suggested a scenario and I liked it so I went with it.

When it came time to write the scene I said I need a song. Now I like music and will listen to a lot of varieties of music but within the scope of their setting, I wanted a romantic song which didn’t go over the top. This song was supposed to be a prelude to their first love scene. I got opinions from a lot of people and it came down to a couple of songs. Again I turned to my family because I love music but I’m horrible at remembering names and artists. Since my oldest picked the scene, she piped up and said, I picked the scene, go with this song. I said – okay.

One thing I haven’t talked about much is that Allison is handicapped. She was in an accident which made it hard for her to get around. Chandler from the beginning didn’t seem to notice her handicap. Then as the story went on, he saw her struggle with things like he drove a truck which was hard for her to get into. I liked the evolution of how he didn’t pay attention to her issues but then he starts to realize how it makes her life harder and he wants to make her life easier.

On the Line

On the Line is a mature, contemporary romance written in K Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World and filled with emergencies and emotional connections.

Sunnyville offered Allison a return to a happy time in her life after leaving her cheating husband. After the drama of a car accident and the failure of her marriage, she wants nothing but peace and quiet.  With the help of her daughters, she’s settled in her new home.  She wants to do her job as a 911 operator and live a quiet life. 

When his father fell off a ladder and his mother called 911, Chandler didn’t realize how much it would impact his life. One look at Allison and he knew he had to convince her to meet his family. But her ex-husband believes she’s still his.  Is Chandler stepping over a line when he uses his computer skills to learn more about her ex? 




“So… you’re rich,” he said. “Will you be my sugar mama?”

She laughed. “Maybe. Depends…”

“On what?” Chandler asked.

“You’re respectful. I like when you open my door. It makes me feel cared for,” she admitted.

“Good so…”

“I have more than one requirement,” she wiggled her finger at him. “You can cook. My daughters like you.”

“I like this ticking off of my good qualities,” he said.

“You have a good body which I have picture proof of, at least part of your body,” she bit her lip. Before he said anything, she continued, “But I’ve only seen part of your body and I don’t know how well you employ the more interesting parts of your body.”

“You mean my brain, right?” he asked.

“Oh no,” she said. “I promised myself a really good lover when I got rid of my husband and stole half his money.”

As she parked the car, he leaned over and murmured, “Turn the car around and I’ll show you the things I want to do to you.”

“What things?” she swallowed as she turned to him. Heat ripped through her and settled in her gut. She was certain her panties were damp and it wouldn’t take much to push her over the edge.

As their lips were about to touch, Jesse banged on the top of her car. “Come on,” he said. “Do that later. We have darts to throw.”

Chandler growled and fumed at the interruption. Allison bit her lip for a moment and then burst out laughing. “Guess we’ll have to wait awhile for me to discover whether you pass muster in those other areas.”

“I’m gonna kill my brother,” Chandler joined her in laughing.

“That will make it hard for me to discover more about certain attributes,” Allison said.

“Is there a chance of me giving you a demonstration later?” he asked.

“There’s always a possibility,” she said kissing his surprised mouth.

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