One Day Off Email

Yesterday I spent my time working on other things.  I checked my email in the morning and not again all day.  This morning I check my email and got slammed!  Apparently I’m either not allowed to take a day off or everyone was just really chatty yesterday. 

I’ve been enjoying my vacation.  I get up in the morning (usually later than normal) and work on the computer – writing, posting, editing, and a variety of other things.  Then in the afternoon I’ve been working on other projects.  It has been really relaxing.  I even took a nap yesterday.  I’ve even been crossing things off my to do list. 

Today though I’m hyper aware of the impending weekend and the amount of things I need to get done before I go back to work and school next week.  This morning I realized I have a lot of homework I need to get done before Monday.  I was up at 7 this morning and showered and to my desk by 7:45.  Sasha needed grandma time so I spent a bit of time cuddling and petting her.  What can I say Sasha is demanding and has claws… J

When I’m done with this blog I have to work on five lessons in a tutorial for a software program for one of my classes.  I have three stories to edit and write letters on.  I have several chapters to read.  I have a project to work on and a story to edit.  I have gotten one story edited to the point where I think it is done – I’ve sent it off to a couple of people to see what they think. 

Today will be a homework day – hopefully one that is productive.  This way I can play tomorrow (or do more homework) and not feel guilty about visiting with a friend.

Watch for the guest blog by Elizabeth Hazel tomorrow!!!

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