One More Day….

You ever have one of those weeks where life just whoops your ass?  I’m having one.  I’m in pain from the stairs I walked.  Work is stressful.  Sleep is non-existent.  All these things are weighing me down.  I know I should say something profound and wise… maybe even deep here. 

That’s not going to happen.  Tonight I’m headed to bed and hoping for more than two hours of sleep.  That will be a bonus.  Tomorrow in all likeliness is going to be a day from hell with tight deadlines and the possibility of having to work late. When that is done, I will have 11 glorius days off.  I cannot wait. 

No I’m not doing anything fancy – no jetting off to some exotic locale, or gambling high stakes or even a quiet retreat in the mountains.  I’m staying HOME.  Stephanie is coming home for a flying visit.  I won’t have much time with her but I plan to enjoy every second of it.  Once she is gone I will have part of a day to myself in the house.  I plan to WRITE as much and for as long as possible. 

The rest of my week is going to seem really boring to most people.  I’m planning to wander through a publications database and see if I can submit a lot of my writing work.  I’ll be thrilled if I can make 10-15 submissions.  More than that and I’ll be over the moon.

Oh I’ll have some reality in here.  I’ve got to pay bills this weekend, run errands, see about grocery shopping, and so on – I’m thinking that will be Saturday.  Tuesday through Thursday are going to be devoted to writing.  I may stay up for the entire 72 hours or I may sleep really odd hours if the words are flowing. 

I’m taking vacation from my desk job to do a desk job of writing.  Go figure…

This short reprieve will hopefully recharge my batteries and allow me to let go of some of the daily junk that seems to build up in my soul when I earn the green stuff.  Don’t get me wrong I like my paycheck and my benefits but it doesn’t feed my soul. 

So I’m counting down the hours… 10 hours to go.. then freedom to do whatever I want – even nothing ….

One thought on “One More Day….

  1. Who ever said vacations have to include travel and spending money? I think the point is to do something that makes you feel good – be it backpacking in the mountains, lounging on a tropical beach (sipping drinks with umbrellas served to you by half-naked, bronzed cabana boys…*sigh*) Stay home, write, and do nothing! I'll take care of the island thing for ya. 😉

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