Organized a bit more…

I’ve been sort of stuck at a point in my story that I’m working on.  I needed to organize large groups of characters and sort of take each group off in different directions. 
I use a spreadsheet to keep track of details on this particular story.  It helps me keep track of my large cast of characters, locations, “magic” words, and a variety of other things.  At one point I split the characters into squads led by three different people.  I didn’t want to mess up and say someone was in two places when they were geographically split up.
Now I’m at a point where the leader of the whole thing is going in one direction and his right hand woman is being sent somewhere else.  So I had to take the time to look at my characters and determine who was going where. 
The other thing is the group as a whole had to grow significantly.  I had to find a way to have that happen without having to keep track of another hundred characters.  So I have a group of nameless characters that I can bring into the mix as I go.  I’m not putting names to them until I start writing about them.  It will be easier that way.  I won’t have the overwhelming task of coming up with all the names and details about them until I need to use them in the story. 
Now all I need is a good weekend or so to work on the next few chapters.  I know what I want each group to do but the details need to be worked on.  If I can pull it off the way I think I will, it will be really good. 

The friend I have reading it has caught up to me and wants more so I’m taking that as a good sign.  I need to get more down on paper to finish the story and to get the rest of it to her.

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