Mid Week of Vacation

Monday was all about finishing writing Wayfarer 16.  Tuesday was all about organizing stuff.  Today is all about getting book work done.Yesterday with help from two people, I got my craft room looking like a craft room rather than a storage locker.  I can find things and get to them more easily than before.  Things … Continue reading Mid Week of Vacation

One Down…

This week a friend came over to spend the morning helping me get my living room cleaned and organized.  Things got shifted, cleaned and rearranged.  The living room looks wonderful!  I'm very pleased and can't thank my friend enough for helping me.My stress level goes down every time something gets organized.  When I can move … Continue reading One Down…

Reader Conference

Vicki and I attended a readers' conference over the weekend.  It was interesting as I looked at it from a reader's perspective.  There were lots of free gifts - post its, pens, gadgets, and so on.  Books of course were high on the gift list. I wanted to take aside the organizer and say - … Continue reading Reader Conference

Crochet Savior!

My middle daughter moved home.  March was chaotic with her moving.  April is turning into chaos with getting our house organized - or reorganized and integrating her stuff into our house. I'm finally tackling my office.  Currently it's in that state of extreme messy because I've been going through papers, shelves, drawers in order to … Continue reading Crochet Savior!


It's FALL!  I love fall!  The cooler temps, the changing weather and the harvest.  While driving over the weekend, I loved seeing the fields and farmers working hard to bring in their crops.  I know from growing up on the farm they are in a state of constant work - long hours, hard work, and … Continue reading Harvesting

Organizing or Writing?

I have absolutely no motivation for cleaning my office.  I worked on it on Friday when I got done with work and got through a couple of piles but gave up once Ken got home.  I've sorted and resorted.  I need to make decisions and get things organized but mostly I look at the piles … Continue reading Organizing or Writing?

Pick One

In talking with an artist last night, I realized I've been very scattered in my work.  I'll pick up this project and do a tiny bit, then move on to the next one and do a tiny bit.  This is probably because I'm trying to get a little bit done on everything.  However, I'm wondering … Continue reading Pick One

Mentors and Supporters

As a writer I’m often stumbling around trying to figure out how to do different things.  For instance as I’m looking at covers to assess which one I want, I try to look at them in different ways – across the room, on the computer, asking other people.  A writer friend of mine suggest I … Continue reading Mentors and Supporters

New Ideas

I love being organized.  I feel if I am organized I can be more efficient and better prepared to do whatever tasks I need to.  Recently two people have really helped me get better organized.  My youngest daughter, Stephanie, set me up with a new budget spreadsheet.  I think I like it better and just … Continue reading New Ideas

Savers…A Rant on Hoarding

I get that people like to keep things that are near and dear to them.  I have things I’ve kept that others would look at and say HUH?  However, when your space can’t hold one single thing more, it is time to GET RID OF SHIT.I’ve been in my job for seven months.  In that … Continue reading Savers…A Rant on Hoarding