Paranormal Investigator Files

Pain made her cruel. Can love help her find peace?

By Eileen Troemel

Doug Kronnig, university professor, has taken three of his relatives to the emergency room in a week.  His father, brother-in-law, and sister have all had nasty accidents which could have resulted in much worse results than they did.  Now the FBI is investigating but not the normal FBI, the paranormal unit. 

Harper Stanley and her partner Devin Jacobsen with the FBI paranormal unit know they’ll have another victim of the stalker at Halloween.  The stalker starts ten days before Halloween and tortures a family.  The man has cheated and his family pays the price until Halloween.  By Halloween, the victim dies by the will of the entity they’ve chased for seven years. 

This year they discover the targeted victim.  Doug Kronnig doesn’t quite fit the profile.  He’s not in a relationship nor has he cheated but for some reason, the stalker has targeted him.  In a short span of time, Harper finds herself drawn to this funny, quiet man. 

Can she stop the stalker or will Doug end up as another victim Harper couldn’t save?


“I should probably warn you, I’m horrible at first dates,” he said. “I tend to say what I’m thinking.”

“My last date was two years ago,” Harper confessed. “It was so bad, I’ve not been inclined to repeat it.”

“Great, we’ll have bad dates together,” Doug laughed.

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