Post Visit Exhaustion

The past four days have been a whirlwind of activities with Virginia and Stephanie flying in on Friday.  Every minute of the last three days (four really if you count the prep time) has been scheduled and executed with almost military precision. 

Friday night we had family time with dinner out and just hanging at home talking before everyone crashed from exhaustion.  Saturday there was my niece’s graduation party that the girls put in an appearance for, plus Virginia’s godson’s birthday party, plus lunch out, plus our own party.  By the time I got to bed on Saturday I was nearly falling down with exhaustion. 

Sunday Ken, Virginia, Stephanie, Beth, Vicki and Alex went to the zoo.  They spent the day away.  I spent my time watching DVR stuff (warming up from sitting in front of the a/c vent) and submitting different writing items.  I got about fourteen items submitted and a few guidelines discarded because my work didn’t fit. 

After dropping off Beth (Alex drove himself) at home, Virginia, Ken and Vicki came home exhausted.  I enjoyed the quiet but would have preferred more time with those visiting.  It is hard because there are so many people they want to see and so many who want to see them.  Stephanie went to visit friends and didn’t get in until after 11.  She was exhausted. 

Today was a bit calmer but not as fun.  Ken and I took Virginia and Stephanie back to the airport.  My house, which was so clean last week, is trashed.  My energy level is about negative fifty and I need a vacation from my vacation…

Tomorrow I go back to work.  I am hoping it won’t be horrendous after being gone for five days.  I hope I can catch up fairly quickly and without too much stress.  It has to be calmer than the last five days, right? 

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